Friday, September 30, 2005


The Jean-Alexandre Pinata Dude...

This should pretty much end up being the final product. I don't think I'll be changing it much if at all. Obviously the head is the shape of a balloon and therefore it is a bit rounder than Jean-Alexandre's actual head, but I think I did not too badly with the painting of the face. It kind of looks like a comic book character of Jean-Alexandre. Which is what I was striving for anyway, not an exact, perfect image. If I were to draw him on paper instead with pencil, I would surely get it much more realistic. But this is good enough.

Now let's compare the two...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

While we're on the subject of bilingualism...

I had an American woman here the other day for a haircut. She's been in Canada for a long time. Her husband is from Québec, they met in Vermont (where she is from) but they have been living in this area for about 20 years or so. Anyway, her name happens to be Jean Richards. Now, all self-respecting English-speaking people know that Jean is a girl's name, and is pronounced as in blue jeans, or gene. Unfortunately, all self-respecting French-speaking people know that Jean is a boy's name and is pronounced as in Jean Chrétien (ex prime-minister of Canada) (French version of John)

With a last name like Richards, which is very similar to the French last name Richard (silent d), our lady has been in a few funny situations, not the least of which is the following:

A few years ago, she went to see a plastic surgeon to get two moles taken off her face. When she went back for the check-up afterwards, her name was called "Jean Richard" pronounced in French. She got up to see the surgeon, and suddenly everyone started staring and whispering. She didn't know why, but shrugged it off and went into the doctor's office. When she came out, the friend she had come with greeted her with a smile. As they were walking out the door, her friend said, "I know why they are all staring. They're all thinking: Wow, the plastic surgeon sure did a good job on him!"

Everyone thought she was a transvestite!

Translator needed

Here in Canada, all products must be labeled in both French and English. That is the law. Unfortunately, some companies do not hire competant translators, (or the tranlators let one slip). I have seen a list or two of translation errors (meant to be humourous) but came across the one of the worst translation mistakes I have seen yet, not so much because it doesn't make sense, but because it actually changes the original meaning and could be potentially dangerous (for a stupid person).

Found on an aerosol can of PLAID® Patricia Nimrock® Clear Acrylic Sealer:

In English: Keep out of reach of children. Use only in well-ventilated area. Keep away from flames, such as pilot light, and any object that sparks such as electric motor. Store away from heat.

In French: Tenir hors de la portée des enfants. N'utiliser que dans flammes, telle une flamme pilote et de tout objet produisant des étincelles, tel un moteur électrique. Conserver loin des sources de chaleur.

This basically translates to:
Keep out of reach of children. Use only in flames, such as pilot light, and any object that sparks such as electric motor. Store away from heat.

What seems to have happened here, is that a whole line of text basically got cut out, which would not be the translator's fault. It starts to say "use only in well-ventilated area", but someone cut out the "well-ventilated area" and "Keep away from..." and pasted "Use only in..." and "flames" together. Luckily, the "Store away from heat" bit was left in. And it is written elsewhere (in both French and English) that the contents and fumes could catch fire. So only a really stupid person would actually use this product only in flames. Ha ha.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Not open to life

So Marc went and got himself "fixed" yesterday. He told me this morning that some guy almost fainted in the waiting room while the doctor was just giving general information to everyone, but hadn't done anything yet. The guy had to lie down twice and had to wash his face with cold water. All I could think of was the poor guy. Marc seemed to think this was funny. Then he told me all the guys there (with the exception of Marc of course) were there because their girlfriends/wives wanted them to get fixed, most of the women took the appointments themselves to make sure the men went and some women even ACCOMPANIED thier men. That just made me even sadder for the poor guy. I am sure he didn't want to be there going through this.

I think that is ridiculous. I mean if you have decided that you are not going to be open to life anymore, and permanently not open to boot, then for goodness sakes instead of forcing the operation on your partner, the least you could do is get fixed yourself. You don't force your partner to get fixed. No way in **** would Marc have forced me to get fixed. I AM STILL OPEN TO LIFE even if he is not. If he ever died before I went through menopause, I could still hypothetically have children with a second husband. I almost secretly hope he is in the .01 percent that have a canal re-open later on, (Happened to a friend of his) and I get pregnant again in spite of him... just to spite his decision. Although the funny thing is, if he weren't "fixed" I'd still be practicing NFP to avoid pregnancy.

In spite of the fact that I don't like him deciding to get fixed, part of me is perversely relieved because I don't really want to have more children with him. It is hard enough to raise the ones I already have in the faith, when one's husband is anti-faith.


Marc rented this movie last night. Jean-Alexandre told me that I had said I didn't want them watching it when I had seen a preview of it on TV, but I didn't remember having seen one. I didn't think it wold be so bad. But there is definitely a reason for it being restricted. I should have taken the kids away long before I finally did. For those who like paranormal movies, with lots of demons, and can handle blatant theological errors and don't mind the Catholic Church being portrayed as unforgiving,... then this is for you. Personally it just got on my nerves. This is like the second or third book/movie I come across that has either vampires or devils and priests/exhorcists from the Catholic Church in it combatting the evil but where people are still damned to Hell and have no possibility of forgiveness from God for some sin too horrible. Most of the time the sin isn't even really their own fault,... which is totally ridiculous. Also, the idea in this movie, that God made a pact with the devil "for fun" to see which side would win the most souls,... and that the devil had a son who wanted to come to earth, and the archangel Gabriel is actually the bad guy in the movie... well that seems kind of contrary to anything I believe. I didn't like the movie.

Happy Birthday Dominic!

Anyone want a piece of cake? This is the castle cake I made for Dominic's birthday today.

We invited Dominic's friend Emily to come play today and she came with her sister Joanie. We took all six kids to Burger king for supper. Dominic got his supper free because it was his birthday today. We had the cake before going to Burger King.

Friday, September 23, 2005

The Pinata Dude

Here is the updated version of my pinata. As you can see, the soccer ball (which was decorated by Gabriel, almost 3) has now been attached to one foot, and he now has both hands and at least one ear. His facial features were drawn in by Maryssa (5), and his body was also coloured in by her. I just had to take a picture before I put the gesso (the primer that will go under my acrylic paint) and paint it. It is too cute. He looks like a little alien dude.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


... I am rolling my eyes here, and shaking my head, don't know whether to laugh or cry... enough said... I'm sure any women reading this don't even need to know to be able to sympathize...

Now that I am done complaining, shall I list his positive points?

He's good with his hands.
He's got a sense of humour.
He puts up with my bad habits.
We have some similar interests.
He's intelligent (when not tired, he must have been tired tonight, that explains it...)
He's talented with a camera.
Etc, etc, etc,...

He's an alien and he's up for sale...

Ha ha, just kidding.

Aboriginal Architecture

Note: Paul Rickard, someone from the village I grew up in, is the one who made this film. Should be interesting... Haven't seen any of his filmography, but he takes beautiful still pictures...



11:30 PM, Thursday, October 06, 2005
Duration: 01:00 hour(s)

A feature length documentary that explores the way Aboriginal architecture reflects the diversity of Aboriginal cultures across North America. Traditional and ceremonial buildings reflect all aspects of life in a particular region and time. Architectural designs were affected by technology, climate, society, religion, economics, and history. The film will explore the way Aboriginal architecture continues to evolve in response to ongoing changes in the natural and social environment.Anyone who has an interest in ancient culture, art, architecture and the history of North America will be fascinated by the innovative approach driven by the passions and fresh perspectives of these intelligent, articulate young people. This program will be especially attractive to aboriginal youth. They'll be able to identify with the main characters who are remarkable role models; academically successful and active participants in their own communities as well as being open-minded and curious about other communities.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

While we are on the topic of Pinatas...

Here are a few of the ones I have made in the past years:


Dora in a hot-air balloon

The raptor


The neopet

The bionicle

The Uruk Hai

The puppy

The barbie




The corn on the cob


Am still working on the piñata. It has a head, legs, feet and arms (but no hands yet). I am getting the chin, nose and forehead shaped out and have finished shaping the pants, shirt and shin pads. I also have to get ears on it and find out how I am going to stick the soccer ball onto one foot. I think this one is going to turn out being very VERY hard to break, because of all the layers I have to put on to get the right shapes. The only way they'll be able to break the darn thing is by bashing it in the BACK of the head. (Now doesn't that sound barbaric?)

I need to go and iron some shirts now, and other miscellaneous things, so I think I shall be taking my leave...

Oh, by the way, found this site on how to make your own pinatas... in case anyone else wants to try it...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Tous appelés, mais à différentes heures...

Mes bien-aimés, persévérez dans les bonnes oeuvres que vous avez commencées… De malheureux hommes servent un roi terrestre au péril de leur vie et moyennant d'énormes difficultés pour un bénéfice très vite passé et disparu ; pourquoi ne serviriez-vous pas le roi du ciel pour obtenir le bonheur du Royaume ? Puisque, par la foi, le Seigneur vous a déjà appelés à sa vigne, c'est-à-dire à l'unité de la sainte Église, vivez, conduisez-vous de telle sorte que, grâce à la générosité de Dieu, vous puissiez recevoir la pièce d’argent, c'est-à-dire le bonheur du Royaume des cieux.

Que personne ne désespère à cause de la grandeur de ses péchés, et ne dise : « Nombreux sont les péchés dans lesquels j'ai persévéré jusqu'à la vieillesse et l'extrême vieillesse ; je ne pourrai plus désormais obtenir le pardon, surtout que ce sont les péchés qui m'ont laissé, non pas moi qui les ai rejetés. » Que celui-là ne désespère absolument pas de la miséricorde divine, car les uns sont appelés à la vigne de Dieu à la première heure, d'autres à la troisième, d'autres à la sixième, d'autres à la neuvième, d'autres à la onzième, c'est-à-dire que les uns sont conduits au service de Dieu dans l'enfance, d'autres dans l'adolescence, d'autres dans la jeunesse, d'autres dans la vieillesse, d'autres dans l'extrême vieillesse.

Que personne donc, quel que soit son âge, ne désespère s'il veut se convertir à Dieu… Travaillez fidèlement dans la vigne de l’Église, pour recevoir le salaire du bonheur éternel et régner avec le Christ dans tous les siècles des siècles.

Auteur anonyme du 9ème siècle, dans l'actuelle Italie
Homélie pour la Septuagésime, 4-7 (trad. SC 161, p. 173)

Et, je dirais, il ne faut surtout pas désesperer qu'un proche se convertisse...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Apple Picking

Went apple picking with Gabriel this morning at the Verger Denis Charbonneau (Orchard), just the two of us. We picked a twenty-pound bag of apples, royal gala and mcintosh. Gabriel played in the little park and then we went to the petting farm they have. We had a snack (crêpes with apples, cinnamon and maple syrop) in the restaurant afterwards. We had fun. I like doing things like this with just one individual child from time to time.

Am busy organizing a birthday party for Dominic. I have looked into almost everything, from renting a soccer field (way too much) to bowling, mini-golf, art/museum activities and apple-picking. I am even going to call McDonalds and Burger King to see what their prices are like, although, I prefer something else.

Even bowling is quite expensive as we will be a fairly large group. I don't think we'll get anything under $80,00 (Can, not US) there. I have looked into renting a small inflatable game, but I think even that is going to be too expensive. (They're supposed to phone back.) I think I would just rather do it at home, and organise the games myself. I'm sure I can do something interesting for a lot less money.

Have started the pinata. Dominic wanted a pinata of Jean-Alexandre this year! Don't know if that means he wants to be able to "legally" hit his older brother or if that means his older brother is like a hero to him... (I like to think it is the latter...)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What to do with a dead body

Just now, as I was clearing off the table after supper, Maryssa suddenly asked me, "When Dominic is dead, where will we put him?" "Well, he's not dead yet." I said, caught by surprise. So she suggested, "Maybe in the compost?"


Just went out this afternoon for a bike ride. I decided to go since I had to go to the store and get some marshmellows to put in the sour cream dessert I was making (needed to use the sour cream before it goes bad). The nearest grocery store is about 10 minutes by car. That is 10 minutes, most of which is in a 70 - 80 km/hr zone, (secondary highway) with very few lights or stop signs. By bike it took me probably about 25 minutes, going fairly hard.

Look out world, I am 6 months pregnant, hadn't touched my bike in over a year, 33 years old, and I STILL GO!!!

Ok that's enough shameless patting on the back... Time to go take a cold shower.

Monday, September 12, 2005

First Rider's Call

So here it is; my next item on my wish list: First Rider's call. The sequel to Green Rider.

Just in case someone out there is searching for something to give me for Christmas...

The apparition's soft, otherworldly glow fell across the sleeping form on the canopy bed.

Sultry night air tinged with sea brine flowed through the wide open window, stirring the sheet that covered the girl. Her long brown hair was splayed across her pillow, and her chest rose and fell in slow, even breaths. She slept unaware of her ghostly visitor, an expression of utter tranquility on her face.

And that was the problem.

Displeasure flickered across the apparition's smoky features. You can hear me, but you won't listen, hey?

The apparition nudged at the girl's shoulder as if to awaken her, but her hand simply slid through it. Cannot feel me.

Cannot see me. WILL NOT listen.

The girl had become very disciplined at ignoring the call, and if there was one thing that annoyed Lil Ambriodhe more, it was being ignored.

Lil had, in her own opinion, exercised a great deal of patience, actually biding her time during the year the girl took to finish her schooling, thinking it couldn't hurt, that afterwards she would finally heed the call and return to Sacor City to take her oath before the king as a Green Rider.

She did not. She defied the call and went home to Corsa instead, and for what? To count bolts of wool on one of her father's wretched wagon trains? To balance ledgers? What was alluring about that? Why did she resist?

Lil paced until she realized her feet didn't even touch the floor, but hovered above it. By all the hells! She tried to focus on the floor so she might at least achieve the illusion of standing on it, but the effort bled too much energy from her. She cursed in frustration at the limitations of her current form, and glowered at the sleeping girl who made all this necessary. If she could manage it, she would've hauled her right out of bed. Thankfully most Riders weren't this difficult.

continue reading...

Green Rider

Finally got the book Green Rider by Kristen Britain. I read it through in two days. Now I need to find the second book in the series... I am hooked.

It doesn't equal the Lord of the Rings (does anything?) for all the layers beneath layers, but I definitely enjoyed it. It is up there with Eragon. I am still waiting for my slowpoke son to finish Eldest so I can read it too. (Eldest is the sequel to Eragon, both written by Christopher Paolini.)

Green Rider has all the elements of good versus evil though, and honour, courage, perseverance and finding power within oneself, etc,...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Medical people...

Went to see the family doctor and it turns out that he doesn't do pregnancies. So he referred me to a gynecologist who works with him, at least for the next appointment, although I said I would rather have someone closer if I'm going to have a gynecologist. His poor secretary was flabbergasted to find out I was six months pregnant and hadn't seen anyone yet, (this IS my fifth child, it's not like there's much chance of them telling me anything new now is there?) and she felt obliged to put me in tommorrow for an appointment. "You're supposed to see someone every month you know, and there are tests to take,... and..." Whatever. If the gynecologist prescribes me tests I'll tell him I'll be seeing a gynecologist here in St-Jean instead and do that with him/her instead. (And maybe I will, maybe I won't) I don't have sexually transmitted diseases, so they can never mind that test. I don't think I really need an ultrasound, it is more routine than necessary, and I can tell them right now that I do NOT have gestational diabetes, I would KNOW if I had something like that. I would not be feeling good. So what other tests are there? He can listen to the baby's heart, that's fine, that way we'll know that he has a heart and if it is beating properly... (what are the chances of the contrary? This baby is just as active as the others, I take that to be a good sign.)

I feel like my pregnancy has suddenly gotten out of my control and other people are trying to take control. I am going to take back control. None of this even means I will still show up at the hospital in time to give birth there...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Congratulations Dad!!!

My Dad is now officially a Doctor of Philosphy. Woo hoo! Yay! Way to go Dad! Three cheers!

Ashes and Snow

Check out this website entitled Ashes and Snow. Beautiful, beautiful photographs by Gregory Colbert. (A Canadian). I'd like to post a sample photo, but of course they've set them up so you can't copy or save them from the site.

Of doctors...

Tommorow I have an appointment with a Catholic, pro-life family doctor (involved in Opus Dei). My brother Cecil referred me to him and even though he was no longer taking new clients, since Cecil was a client of his, his receptionist accepted to take me as well. Cecil was also in Opus Dei and I am sure that is how he met the doctor in the first place.

I hope he doesn't scold me for not having been to see a doctor before this but I had no desire to see anyone, especially not some pro-choice doctor who'd most likely encourage me to take contraception the next time or something, and be amazed that I was actually having a fifth child, etc, etc,...

But my biggest fear (fear is a slightly strong word in my case, I'm not all that afraid) is of an unnatural birth, which means that even though I may be going to see this family doctor, I am not just going for myself, I am going for the children too, and that doesn't necessarily mean that he'll be the one there at the birth, in fact it is highly unlikely, since he works in Longueuil and I am NOT going to drive all the way over there (1/2 hour to 45 mins) when I can be at the hospital here in under 10 mins. Plus I still don't know if I will even make it to a hospital, heh heh...

Soccer starts up again, this time indoor soccer at the stadium. Dominic plays at 9:00 on Saturday morning. Jean-Alexandre will be playing next Thursday the 15, at 6:30 pm. Maryssa is supposed to be playing on Saturdays as well but in a different place, at 10:00 am, but noone has called yet to let me know when she starts. I hope the school she plays in won't be too far from the stadium, it is going to be tricky getting her there on time, since we only have one car and Dominic's games end at 10:00.

I finally heard back from the retinologist, but my appointment is only for November 4!!! Apparently he doesn't think it is urgent. The thing is, things have changed since the opthamologist saw me. The spot has moved for one, and it is in my direct vision now. I get headaches right above and behind my eye quite frequently now. My night vision in that eye is severely affected. The weird thing is that the spot, which is actually some kind of liquid, is acting kind of like a lens and although it has made everything appear darker through that eye, and discoloured as well as slightly difform, the FOCUS has improved slightly, things aren't as blurry sans glasses as they used to be. I'll bet that is also contributing to the headache as the lens of my glasses are likely too strong now for my left eye.

But I have 2 whole months of waiting before anything will be done! No wait, not before anything is done, what am I talking about? Since when do they actually DO anything the first time they see you? Make that 2 months before the doctor actually sees me to evaluate what should be done. How long until whatever it is actually gets done is anyone's guess.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Big Day for my Father

Today my father, Jean-Nil Chabot from Barry's Bay, Ontario, Canada, will be defending his doctorate thesis at Laval University in Ste-Foy, Québec, Canada at 2:00 pm in room 613 of the Felix-Antoine-Savard Pavillion. (See picture below, my father in his home in Barry's Bay)

His thesis has to do with the Canadian charter of rights and liberties in which it is mentioned that our country has been founded on prinicpals which recognize the supremacy of God and the primacy of law. The laws that man makes for himself are just insofar as they are in accordance with the Being we call God. The double affirmation of the "supremacy of God" and the "primacy of law" is at the same time the foundation of the Charter of rights and liberties and the light by which makes its interpretation possible.

That's a short summary of the slightly longer summary provided in French below. I wish I could be there today with my Dad, but there is no way I can work things around the children being at school. I have to be here when they come back.

Good Luck Dad!!!

Un Grand Jour pour mon Père

Soutenance de Thèse

Mon père, Jean-Nil Chabot, de Barry's Bay, Ontario, Canada, fait son soutenance de thèse de doctorat aujourd'hui, le mardi 6 septembre 2005 à l'Université Laval, Ste-Foy, Québec, Canada, à 14h00 dans la salle 613 du Pavillion Félix-Antoine-Savard.


Le Canada a enchâssé, dans sa constitution, une charte des droits et libertés dont le préambule spécifie que ce pays est "fondé sur des principes qui reconnaissent la suprématie de Dieu et la primauté du droit".

Affirmer la suprématie de Dieu, c'est reconnaître que tout découle d'une Cause première, c'est-à-dire, de l'Être auquel participe tout autre être. Cet Être que nous appelons Dieu n'est pas sujet au changement - donc, est-il aussi l'Éternel. L'ordre de tout ce qui existe par lui est à sa ressemblance car, sans lui, rien n'existe. Par conséquent, il est la loi éternelle dont l'image est reproduite dans la nature qu'il crée et détermine.

La primauté du droit résulte de la liberté humaine. En vertu de sa raison, l'homme est libre de se gouverner lui-même, individuellement et en société. Il a donc le pouvoir de se créer des lois. Ces lois sont justes lorsqu'elles s'accordent à l'ordre de l'être que l'homme a reçu - sinon elles sont en défaut de justice.

Il s'ensuit que la double affirmation de la "suprématie de Dieu" et de "la primauté du droit" du préambuleest, à la fois, le fondement de la Charte canadienne des droits et libertés, ainsi que la lumière qui rend son interpretation possible.



I Want This Book!!!

Este jueves se inicia una nueva etapa de la serie ‘‘Conociendo me Divierto’’, con la presentación del texto ‘‘Cuentamitos’’.

"Cuentamitos", leyendas del Paraguay en versión infantil

Karai Octubre, el petiso señor dotado con un gran sombrero pirí al que le disgustan especialmente los holgazanes, es uno de los deliciosos personajes pertenecientes a la mitología paraguaya, o a los mitos del Paraguay, que aparecen en el libro infantil titulado "Cuentamitos", que será presentado este jueves dirigido a los más pequeños de la familia, junto a la edición normal del diario. El primero tendrá un costo de 7.000 guaraníes, mientras que el precio del segundo es el habitual de 4.000 guaraníes.

The book is coming out with the Thursday edition of ABC Color, in Asuncion, Paraguay. Noone sells ABC Color here in Canada of course, so I don't know how I will get it, but I sent them an e-mail asking them if they could sell it through the internet and if they accept visa or mastercard or some other kind of payment. It is a book for children about Paraguayan myths, something I have been wanting to get ahold of for awhile and here they are offering it with their newspaper! The first costs 7000 guaranies (just over a dollar US, probably about $1.20 Canadian) and there is another one which costs 4000 guaranies, so not very expensive for me.

Monday, September 05, 2005

My Vision (That you are all so fascinated by, I know... ha ha)

The Spot Posted by Picasa

So, if I am sitting at the computer, my eyes about a foot and a half away from the screen and I am looking at this image of white tiles, staring at the middle (where the circle is) this is what I see with my left eye. (Click on picture to get it the right size.) Everything that is white looks green under the spot and straight lines are slightly disfigured. Other than that, the focus is still good at least. This is in good light. In bad light the spot becomes much more dark. On a green wall the spot looks like a violet-blue ringed with orange-y pink. When there is poor light, I cannot see very well where the spot is because the spot becomes very dark and quite (although not completely) opaque.

Thank goodness this is only happening in one eye. I wouldn't be driving at night anymore if it were in both eyes. I wouldn't be able to see much in front of me, only out of the side of my eyes.

Tempest Fugit

Funny how with time things change and relationships aren't what they used to be.

A couple of friends of ours (from the Québec City area) and their children came to visit us yesterday on their way into Montreal to visit another couple of friends who just had a baby (and who also happen to be friends of ours). While they were here, my friend D--- talked on the phone with our friend C--- (who just had the baby). Apparently, other mutual friends of ours were going to come to her house today to spend time together while D--- and her husband S--- were there. One of them has just come back after a year spent doing missionary work in Africa. These are all people who were part of our "gang" back when I was still living in St-Romuald, on the south shore of Québec City. They are the ones who have moved to the Montreal area and don't see the Québec City half of the "gang" as often.

D--- and S--- were going to try to come by and visit us again on their way back to Québec City this afternoon, but this morning they decided that it wasn't worthwhile because they wouldn't have much time to spend with us anyway.

It was this morning that it hit me how bizarre that should seem. Eight years ago, there would have been no question of them coming by to see us after visiting with all these friends in Montreal, because WE would have been right there at C---'s place along with everybody else. We only live about a half hour drive away. It took an hour for the guy who was recently in Africa to get to C---'s place from where he was.

It is at times like this, that I realize that I am no longer "part of the gang". DH and I moved away to BC and I guess we were gone too long, because it isn't that they don't WANT to see us anymore, it is more like they don't even THINK of us anymore. I am one of those people they used to see a lot of, a long time ago.

And while that kind of hurts to think that it is over, at the same time, I realize I have moved on, it took me a whole day to even realize how bizarre the whole situation should seem. I realize I don't have all that much in common with C--- anymore anyway, nor with some of the others.

The opposite is true however, with D--- and S---. With them it is like we never moved away, every time we see each other, we always have lots to say, never an awkward moment, always at ease with each other.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Too Modest?

Is there such a thing as being too modest? I am sure I have written something about this before but I don't know where...

This past weekend, I was with someone at the beach. She had a swimsuit on that had integrated shorts on it. It looked like she was wearing shorts over her bathing suit, but it was actually a one-piece suit. Now I have nothing against swimsuits like this, in fact to my taste, it looked a lot better than some other ultra-modest swimsuits I have seen. It is all a matter of personal choice and taste.

It is when she said she was glad that I had gone into the toilet stall to change, and that it was a good idea especially to teach Maryssa that you don't change in front of everyone like that, that I got a weird vibe. I told her quite frankly that the only reason I did go into the stall was because I thought SHE might be uncomfortable, not because I wouldn't do it. After all, this WAS a girls only changing room. Yes, but according to her this didn't matter, because the more free we are with members of our own sex, the more free we will be elsewhere too.

Ummm excuse me, but I have no problem changing in a woman's changing room, especially since I am doing it quickly, not parading around, and most of the time, I am never completely naked, even when slipping on a swimsuit, I usually keep my shirt on until I have slipped the swimsuit up to cover my bottom and most of the way up to my breasts, then I take my shirt off, often facing a wall somewhere and pull the straps of my swimsuit all the way up. This does not make me in the least an exhibitionist. I realize not all women are comfortable with this, but they can change in stalls if they like.

I have also taken showers after hot sweaty basketball games alongside some of the members of my team, with no shower curtains separating us. We all wore towels to and from the shower, took them off quickly, washed quickly, and put them back on quickly, being careful to look each other in the eyes and not elsewhere if talking to each other. We weren't there to parade around naked, show off or check each other out. We were there to TAKE A SHOWER for crying out loud. This has NOT made me more sleasy in how I dress nor has it turned me into an exhibitionist.

Am I alone (lets specify: alone among self-respecting Catholics) in thinking that this mentality is exaggerated? I don't care if another woman doesn't want to take a shower in a womens' changing room unless there is a curtain to hide her. I don't care if she doesn't want to change in front of other women. I don't care if she prefers ultra-modest swimsuits to standard swuimsuits, but if she implies that to do the opposite is or could lead to being immoral, that's another thing altogether.

I consider myself a REAL woman. (Just my own personal opinion) And I know I have posted this before (see the June archives, last post at the top). I am not ashamed of my body, but neither do I flaunt it. I am a woman, I am not ashamed of having breasts, I do not feel the need to hide the fact that I do by wearing extremely loose clothing or otherwise. I also do not feel the need to show them off them with plunging necklines and extremely tight clothing. I prefer form-fitting clothing. I rather think it very attractive.

Even showing some midriff is not something I oppose. If it is morally acceptable for men to expose their bellies, why should it be immoral to see a woman's belly? Once again, one does not need to wear extremely low-cut pants paired with a top that starts just under the breasts, with a plunging neckline. You don't have to look like Britney Speares or Madonna when you bare the belly. It's all in what you wear and how you wear it.

If a man goes swimming in trunks and no shirt, should it be so bad for a woman to go swimming in decently cut bottoms and a tank that is cropped to just above the belly button and that has a decent neckline? Is a woman's belly button more "sexual" than a man's? More "immoral"? More "indecent"? A man would not go topless to mass or to a fancy restaurant. A woman can also refrain from showing off the belly button in such places.

I have yet to bare my belly button in public, (probably never will as I am personally uncomfortable doing so, especially now, after five kids...) but I have seen others do so and without making tramps of themselves. Is it really so bad?