Thursday, September 15, 2005

Apple Picking

Went apple picking with Gabriel this morning at the Verger Denis Charbonneau (Orchard), just the two of us. We picked a twenty-pound bag of apples, royal gala and mcintosh. Gabriel played in the little park and then we went to the petting farm they have. We had a snack (crêpes with apples, cinnamon and maple syrop) in the restaurant afterwards. We had fun. I like doing things like this with just one individual child from time to time.

Am busy organizing a birthday party for Dominic. I have looked into almost everything, from renting a soccer field (way too much) to bowling, mini-golf, art/museum activities and apple-picking. I am even going to call McDonalds and Burger King to see what their prices are like, although, I prefer something else.

Even bowling is quite expensive as we will be a fairly large group. I don't think we'll get anything under $80,00 (Can, not US) there. I have looked into renting a small inflatable game, but I think even that is going to be too expensive. (They're supposed to phone back.) I think I would just rather do it at home, and organise the games myself. I'm sure I can do something interesting for a lot less money.

Have started the pinata. Dominic wanted a pinata of Jean-Alexandre this year! Don't know if that means he wants to be able to "legally" hit his older brother or if that means his older brother is like a hero to him... (I like to think it is the latter...)