Wednesday, October 06, 2004

From hi5 - October 6, 2004

Making muffins Posted by Hello

Yesterday, I cleaned up my kitchen "real good", got rid of all the papers, toys and junk on the counters... (well, most of it anyway) and then we made muffins.

This weekend, for Thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving) I am taking the kids to my parents place and Marc is staying here because he is on call to support the systems at Molson. He is going to take advantage of having no kids underfoot to sleep in until noon and then work on the house and finish by watching TV until the wee hours... (actually, he only mentioned the working on the house, but I know my husband... if he doesn't sleep in at least once, he's not my husband, he's a new guy...)

He wants to put the flooring down in the office in the basement. I don't know if he'll get it all done though...

We go for family pictures on the 9th, and Toby has to get his stitches out that day too. (He lost his "dog-hood" last week) (Castrated)