Monday, March 31, 2008

Body and Soul

Bear with me please, it’s hard to find the words
I need to find, to tell you what it is
You need to know.
Take care with me, my heart’s too damn fragile
I’m so afraid, to tell you what it is
I want you to know.

I am here, body and soul
Will you take me, take me whole?
If I strip down, come out of hiding
If I show you my soul, confiding
Will you want me then? Want me whole?
If I bare all, body and soul

This was never something I intended
To share my life with one who’s a stranger
To how I feel
I’m so lonely, but I’m never alone.
I want you here, inside, but it’s so hard
To open the door

Naked, anxious, defenceless before you
I only wish that you would snatch me up
Take me here, now.
My body’s yours, my soul I offer you
Make love to me, hold me close, let’s renew
Those vows we once spoke.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Whole Point of Being Catholic...

So here's a typical comment I get... "If the Catholic Church wants more parishioners, all they have to do is change the rules..."

Ok, first of all, the whole point of catholicism has NEVER BEEN and NEVER WILL BE to fill the pews at any cost.

Please tell me, what would be the point of having any religion at all if it didn't promote a DIFFERENT (dare I say BETTER) way of life, a way of life that leads TO God, rather than AWAY FROM Him. If the Catholic Church "changed all the rules" there quite simply wouldn't be a Catholic Church left. Perhaps, that's what you people would like. But you know what, the Catholic Church is still going to be there promoting Faith and Hope and Love and Idealism, long after the bunch of you are dead. Because there will ALWAYS be people who recognize that to get something worthwhile, sometimes you have to give up the petty things. Any athlete knows that. You want to be the best? It takes hard work and SACRIFICE. Yeah, you heard right, SACRIFICE. You want to have the best? You'll have to SACRIFICE some of the things that might seem like a lot of fun but that aren't all that good for you. You want to have a good body weight and be healthy? You have to eat your veggies and lay back on the sugar and bad fats.

It's not so hard to understand, really. Those of us who are in the Catholic Church and have understood this, and realize what we have, would never go back to what the rest of you have. Been there, done that, tried out your way of life for a few years. Just enough to realize that it's just junk food. I'm never going back. OH NO. We know. What we have is waaaaaay better. You children, eating your candy, you think what you have is better than veggies, but WE know. We know.

Just saying....


You know, I just don't have the energy to debate upon these things anymore...

There are enough books out there that explain why marriage is so much more than just a tradition, don't take it from me... read some of them starting with Christopher West's Good News for Sex and Marriage.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Le Christianisme a la cote

Selon LaPresse, de dimanche (23 mars) le nombre d'étudiants qui s'inscrivent aux cours de Théologie depuis environ 6 ans ne cesse d'augmenter dans les universités.

Alors, pourquoi suis-je incapable de ressentir ne serait-ce qu'un tout petit peu de joie en entendant cette nouvelle? Je suis tellement rendue cynique que je n'ai plus d'espoir. Personnellement, je ne vois pas ce nouvel "engouement". Je ne vois que le monde qui me croit "fanatique" et "reculée". J'imagine que si LaPresse confirme le fait, c'est que cela doit être vrai. Mais encore là, les gens qui prennent des cours, les prennent-ils pour ensuite se construire une foi catholique au goût du jour, comme ils la veulent, ou prennent-ils des cours parce qu'ils y croient vraiment?

J'aimerais tant pouvoir espérer... mais je suis au désert...

International Day of the Unborn

I am proud to come from a place where life, all life, is sacred. Traditionally, when you went hunting, if you caught something, it's because the animal let itself be caught so you could continue to live. You didn't waste any parts of the animal and you made sure to thank its spirit for the gift of life. This mentality still exists, despite most people being christian today.

Children are still a gift to these people. When I was pregnant with my fifth child, and a little discouraged, because I hadn't really planned on having a fifth child, it was people from Moose Factory who asked me "but why aren't you happy?" One of them pointed out to me that by having five children myself, I was in fact honouring my mother, who had had five children herself.

Very few people have abortions where I come from. In fact, although I know a lot of people who have gotten pregnant at times the rest of Canadian society would consider impractical and even impossible, I don't personally know of anyone from there who had an abortion. These people support each other. Children are welcomed, no matter what. You're still in high school? There are any number of aunts, grandmas or mothers to babysit and if that doesn't work out, there's a daycare at the highschool. Not married? Noone really cares about that. Single? Like I said, there's such a network of support that it doesn't really matter.

I think, except for a few blathering idiots I've accidentally come across who scorn children and seem to have forgotten that EVERYONE (including themselves) goes through the zigot, embryo, foetus, bawling baby, terrible two, and rebellious teenager stages, we can all agree that abortion is a sad thing (maybe even a terrible thing) and that there are too many of them. We might not agree on whether or not abortion is a mother's right or whether or not the unborn child has a right to life, but I think we can all agree that abortion is NOT a happy occasion, and that most women would not want to have to make that decision.

So what are we doing then, to ensure that women who DON'T want to have to choose between their own quality of life and the life of their child don't have to? Do we just offer abortion, call it the last resort solution and then leave women to choose without giving them any other viable solution? Do we offer unconditional support to pregnant women, or do we oggle them and talk behind their backs because they're single, or poor, commited adultery or already have "too many children"? If a woman wants to continue her education, does she have easy acces to cheap daycare? If she's a career woman, are there laws in place to ensure that her career doesn't have to get in the way of her being a mother and vice-versa? Will she be penalized in the work place because she needs time and more flexibility to be with her children? Do we tell them that children are a gift or that children are a burden? Do we tell them that they can't possibly handle a child if they don't have the perfect circumstances, or do we tell them that they are heroes who are capable of anything if they put their minds to it? Do we tell them they already have too many children, or do we rejoice with them for this new gift? And my personal pet peeve, do we offer family deals for a family of four or do we offer family deals for an UNLIMITED number of children? Take it from me, large families need a break.

While most countries have some kind of abortion law, limiting the time in which a woman can have an abortion, ever since the abortion law was struck down in Canada, there no longer is any law nor limit on abortion. It is legal in Canada for a nine-month pregnant woman to have an abortion. That is ridiculous, since, with technology today, a 22 week old baby can survive outside of the mother's womb. Now there's an issue I think most of us can also agree needs to be addressed.

Now for a few links:

Refuse to choose -- Feminists for Life
Canada without Abortion, by Choice -- Pro-woman, Pro-life
A nontheistic and nonreligious opposition to the life-denying horror of abortion -- Atheist and Agnostic Pro-Life League

Thursday, March 20, 2008

If I Let You In

If I let you in again, would you laugh at me then,
or would you try to understand?
Would you let me tell my story,
Or would you only want to see it your way?

Would you touch me when you spoke to me?
Would you hold my hand as we walked?
Would you touch my face and look at me,
The way you never have before?
Would you say those words you've barely ever said?
So I wouldn't have to guess anymore.

I've shut you out, I've closed the windows
Locked the door and thrown away the key.
Strangers to verbal intimacy,
Our dreams tucked safely away out of sight.

Would you just take the time to hold me?
Would you just sit in the moonlight, silent with me?
Would your eyes follow me around the room,
The way they never have before?
Would you say those words I've rarely ever heard?
So I wouldn't have to guess anymore.

If I let you into the private garden of my thoughts,
Would you find the fruit exotic and the flowers rare,
Or would you turn away, looking for some distraction?
Would you look at your watch and want to get away?

Would you think I was amazing?
Would you want me more and more?
Would you listen for the sound of my voice,
The way you never have before?
Would you make me believe those words,
The way I never have before?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Redeeming of Ingeborg

I remember I was in my early teens when my father sent away for a whole bunch of tourist pamphlets about Norway, and started researching everything Norwegian. He was writing a novel, in French, about something that was to take place in Norway. That is all I knew. He wrote a couple of books, none of which I ever read, until fairly recently. Finally, after almost 20 years, and after having translated the book into English, it has been published and is available at

He also has another book that was "published" in French by La Fondation Littéraire Fleur de Lys. In quotations because it is actually printed on demand only. You order one, they print it and send it to you. This one is entitled Katri et le Curé de Sainte-Anne.
There was a third book which hasn't been published. Not sure that he is going to do anything with that one.

Of shoes...

As I have mentioned before, I am a tall, broad-shouldered woman. I don't have curves. What I do have is long everything, long legs, long arms, long fingers, long toes. If it weren't for the long legs, I'd have an easier time finding a husband who was taller than me. If it weren't for the long toes, I'd have an easier time finding nice shoes that actually fit.

The last time I went shoe shopping, I spent the whole day, doing ALL of the stores in St-Jean, and finally ended up in Montreal in the evening, before finding a pair of shoes, size 11, for women, that didn't have huge soles to make my feet look like hummers. They weren't even the nicest pair of shoes I've ever seen, rather basic, boring black.

Today, determined to not to go there again, I decided to check out the shoe store at the START of the season, BEFORE I even need shoes, when there is the most chance of there being any shoes in my size, that fit my demands. I went to Naturalizer, fully expecting to pay $100 for a pair shoes. (I did have a 25% off coupon though.) I didn't want black if I could help it. I didn't want boring if I could help it. I DID want them to be comfortable, stylish, and NOT chunky.

There was this pair of shoes, which were very comfortable, if a bit boring (no details to speak of... I like details, not huge funky details, but nice small classy details.), but nice anyway, especially with jeans, even if the heels are a bit high, (2 inches).

And then, there was this pair of shoes, which I fell in love with. Love, love, love the colour, love the classy details, like the shape of the heel... BUT (and yes, sigh.... there is ALWAYS a but...) look at the SIZE of the heels. Have I mentioned before that I don't like high heels? Low heels I don't mind. Anything up to an inch, maybe an inch and a half is okay. Less is better if I'm going out with the husband. But these heels measure 3 1/2 inches high!! I DO NOT need 3 1/2 extra inches on me! If I could only have had the exact same ones, only in a lower heel...

Still, I really liked the shoes, and I hesitated. I am sure I would have taken the more boring, but more practical ones and left the ones I really wanted behind, except that...

The saleslady said she'd go and tell me how much each pair was, to help me out with the decision. Turns out they were both on sale for $2o and $30 instead of $100 and $110. Need I say more? I got both. The high heels will (hopefully) serve when I am not going out with the husband. (Which does happen a lot) Unless I forget them in my closet.

Long legs, long strides right? Not in these shoes. Going down the stairs, I lean backwards so I don't plunge forwards... I am going to have to learn how to walk all over again...



I don't know what I was thinking. Why did I think I could buy these things and actually wear them? How can anyone wear shoes that put the weight of your whole body on your toes? I'm trying to break them in, but I feel like returning them... I'm almost certain I'll never wear them, they just aren't made for how I walk. I can't walk around in tiny steps... arrrrghhh!

Monday, March 10, 2008

L'Évangile d'aujourd'hui...

Evangile de Jésus-Christ selon saint Jean 8,1-11.

Jésus s'était rendu au mont des Oliviers ; de bon matin, il retourna au Temple. Comme tout le peuple venait à lui, il s'assit et se mit à enseigner. Les scribes et les pharisiens lui amènent une femme qu'on avait surprise en train de commettre l'adultère. Ils la font avancer, et disent à Jésus : « Maître, cette femme a été prise en flagrant délit d'adultère. Or, dans la Loi, Moïse nous a ordonné de lapider ces femmes-là. Et toi, qu'en dis-tu ? » Ils parlaient ainsi pour le mettre à l'épreuve, afin de pouvoir l'accuser. Mais Jésus s'était baissé et, du doigt, il traçait des traits sur le sol. Comme on persistait à l'interroger, il se redressa et leur dit : « Celui d'entre vous qui est sans péché, qu'il soit le premier à lui jeter la pierre. » Et il se baissa de nouveau pour tracer des traits sur le sol. Quant à eux, sur cette réponse, ils s'en allaient l'un après l'autre, en commençant par les plus âgés. Jésus resta seul avec la femme en face de lui. Il se redressa et lui demanda : « Femme, où sont-il donc ? Alors, personne ne t'a condamnée ? » Elle répondit : « Personne, Seigneur. » Et Jésus lui dit : « Moi non plus, je ne te condamne pas. Va, et désormais ne pèche plus. »

Extrait de la Traduction Liturgique de la Bible - © AELF, Paris

Commentaire du jour : Jean-Paul II Mulieris dignitatem, ch. 5 (trad. © Libreria Editrice Vaticana)

« Celui d'entre vous qui est sans péché, qu'il soit le premier à lui jeter la pierre »

Le Christ est celui qui « sait ce qu'il y a dans l'homme » (Jn 2,25), dans l'homme et la femme. Il connaît la dignité de l'homme, sa valeur aux yeux de Dieu. Par son être même, le Christ confirme pour toujours cette valeur. Tout ce qu'il dit et tout ce qu'il fait a son accomplissement définitif dans le mystère pascal de la rédemption. L'attitude de Jésus à l'égard des femmes rencontrées sur son chemin au cours de son ministère messianique est le reflet du dessein éternel de Dieu qui, en créant chacune d'elles, la choisit et l'aime dans le Christ (cf Ep 1,1-5)... Jésus de Nazareth confirme cette dignité, il la rappelle, la renouvelle, en fait une composante du message de l'Evangile et de la rédemption pour lequel il est envoyé dans le monde...

Jésus entre dans la situation historique concrète de ces femmes, situation grevée par l'héritage du péché. Cet héritage se traduit notamment par l'habitude de discriminer la femme à l'avantage de l'homme, et elle en est marquée. A ce point de vue, l'épisode de la femme surprise en adultère paraît d'une éloquence particulière. A la fin, Jésus lui dit : « Ne pèche plus », mais auparavant il éveille la conscience du péché chez les hommes qui l'accusent... Jésus semble dire aux accusateurs : cette femme avec tout son péché ne fait-elle pas apparaître aussi et surtout vos propres transgressions, votre injustice masculine, vos abus ?

Il y a là une vérité qui vaut pour tout le genre humain... Une femme est laissée seule, elle est exposée à l'opinion publique avec « son péché », alors que derrière son péché à elle se cache un homme pécheur, coupable du péché d'autrui, co-responsable de ce péché. Et pourtant, son péché à lui ne retient pas l'attention, il est passé sous silence... Que de fois la femme ne paie-t-elle pas seule de cette façon ?... Que de fois ne demeure-t-elle pas abandonnée avec sa maternité, quand l'homme, le père de l'enfant, ne veut pas en accepter la responsabilité ? Et à côté des nombreuses mères célibataires dans notre société, il faut penser aussi à toutes celles qui, très souvent, sous diverses pressions, même de la part de l'homme coupable, « se libèrent » de l'enfant avant la naissance. Elles « se libèrent », mais à quel prix ?

L'Évangile au Quotidien

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Truth hides in the little things. Truth burrows itself into the details. Light still escapes between the shades of a window. Fossils long buried eventually come to the surface. What's left unsaid, what's left undone speaks volumes about who you really are. Pieces of the puzzle come together, a clue here, a hint there, a sudden revelation.

Sometimes fate has a reason, some things were never meant to be. You might never lie, but you hide behind the blinds. You take advantage of distance, you only show what is convenient to you, but you can't hide forever. You will be found out. Truth oozes out of the wounds you leave behind. It trickles out in the tears cried, it pours out from behind the dam broken.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

You want to make a memory?

If you go now, I’ll understand
If you stay, hey, I got a plan
You wanna make a memory
You wanna steal a piece of time
You could sing a melody to me
And I could write a couple lines
You wanna make a memory
Bon Jovi

There was nothing spectacular, nothing extraordinary, nothing scandalous, nothing worth mentioning, simply a bit of time shared. There was nothing emotional, no deep conversation, no secrets, just a brief glance into another's dream, another's soul, a glimpse into another's vocation, profound in its simplicity.

We made a memory. It wasn't planned, it just happened. Now it's an image, a piece of time transcribed in my mind and about 90 seconds saved in my computer. This is your art, your passion, your vocation and you let me in for a short while. A privilege for me. Thank you for sharing.