Friday, March 28, 2008

The Whole Point of Being Catholic...

So here's a typical comment I get... "If the Catholic Church wants more parishioners, all they have to do is change the rules..."

Ok, first of all, the whole point of catholicism has NEVER BEEN and NEVER WILL BE to fill the pews at any cost.

Please tell me, what would be the point of having any religion at all if it didn't promote a DIFFERENT (dare I say BETTER) way of life, a way of life that leads TO God, rather than AWAY FROM Him. If the Catholic Church "changed all the rules" there quite simply wouldn't be a Catholic Church left. Perhaps, that's what you people would like. But you know what, the Catholic Church is still going to be there promoting Faith and Hope and Love and Idealism, long after the bunch of you are dead. Because there will ALWAYS be people who recognize that to get something worthwhile, sometimes you have to give up the petty things. Any athlete knows that. You want to be the best? It takes hard work and SACRIFICE. Yeah, you heard right, SACRIFICE. You want to have the best? You'll have to SACRIFICE some of the things that might seem like a lot of fun but that aren't all that good for you. You want to have a good body weight and be healthy? You have to eat your veggies and lay back on the sugar and bad fats.

It's not so hard to understand, really. Those of us who are in the Catholic Church and have understood this, and realize what we have, would never go back to what the rest of you have. Been there, done that, tried out your way of life for a few years. Just enough to realize that it's just junk food. I'm never going back. OH NO. We know. What we have is waaaaaay better. You children, eating your candy, you think what you have is better than veggies, but WE know. We know.

Just saying....