Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Protection of Foetal life and strict limits on Abortion

This from a pro-life group I am on...

It may be of interest to appreciate that most European countries absolutely protect foetal life for the final six months. The term limits are shown below.

Austria 12 weeks
Belgium 12 weeks
Bulgaria 12 weeks
Czech Republic 12 weeks
Denmark 12 weeks
Estonia 12 weeks
France 12 weeks
Germany 12 weeks
Greece 12 weeks
Hungary 12 weeks
Italy 12 weeks
Latvia 12 weeks
Lithuania 12 weeks
Luxembourg 12 weeks
Malta illegal
Netherlands 13 weeks
Poland 12 weeks
Romania 14 weeks
Slovakia 12 weeks
Slovenia 10 weeks

Of the remaining few countries, term limits extend from 16 up to 24 weeks.
Many of these countries operate strict conditions even within the term limits.

All of which shows that Canada is in an extreme position - no term limit and no strict conditions.

What if Dad left baby in toilet?

Received this by e-mail and thought I would share it here:

What if dad left baby in toilet?


Calgary Sun
May 30, 2007

Ask yourself this question. What would happen, do you think, to a man who admitted to leaving a newborn infant head down in a toilet?

Is there really any doubt? Such a monster -- and that's what he'd be called -- would be charged immediately with attempted murder.

If he were an adult, his name would be released and he would more than likely be paraded in front of the media so we could all get a really good look at "the kind of person who could do such a thing."

Contrast that reality with what has happened to the woman who gave birth to a baby boy in a Wal-Mart washroom in Prince Albert, Sask., on May 21 and it's clear that when it comes to equality before the law, women tend to get off easy in comparison to men.

The baby boy was found, not breathing head down in a bloody toilet bowl by the store manager, who managed to resuscitate the boy by performing CPR until paramedics arrived.

Because of moronic privacy laws in Saskatchewan, the communications people at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon, to where Baby John Doe was transferred, can't even release the medical condition of the newborn, though police said yesterday the baby was released to children's services.

It wouldn't be surprising if the baby has suffered some brain and lung damage, thanks to his first breaths being toilet water rather than air.

On Friday, the woman who allegedly treated her child this way came forward to Prince Albert city police, accompanied by family members.

The woman, say police, is over 18 years old.

In other words, this is no frightened child.

Last week, police released video surveillance tapes showing a woman with a large, dark coat walking into the store. Some 14 minutes later, she walked out.

She looked calm.

This woman could have left the baby on the floor, even unwrapped, and most Canadians would agree she should not be charged. But to leave a helpless infant to drown in a toilet bowl is an entirely different matter.

Prior to the woman coming forward, news stories have expressed that officials were "concerned" for the woman's health. That may have been a tactic to have her identify herself. But it appears to be a common sentiment, nonetheless.

On blogs and news websites, while the vast majority of comments express disgust, the predictable mushy pap we so often hear about women who commit crimes emerged.

One states: "There are so many plausible circumstances that could have lead this woman to do this ... walk a mile in her shoes.... We can't judge until we know all the details."

Criminologist Dr. Mahfooz Kanwar, a sociology professor at Mount Royal College in Calgary, says the very same people who argue that women should be treated equally with men with regard to opportunities, demand softer treatment with regard to consequences for criminal acts -- making excuses for women based on them being "emotionally fragile".

"If a man had done what she has allegedly done," says Kanwar, "he'd be charged with attempted murder.

"It's not for the Crown prosecutor to determine a person's mental fitness. Charges should be laid first then the courts can order psychiatric assessments afterward."

Kanwar says because men are much more likely to commit violent crimes and women have natural nurturing tendencies, society tries to explain aberrant behaviour by attributing victimhood to women who commit crimes.

Consider the 12-year sentence handed down to school-girl abductor, torturer and murderer Karla Homolka?

Gender equality in Canada? Not yet.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Soccer Nightmare

Starting next week, on Mondays, Jean-Alexandre and Dominic both practice from 5:00 to 6:30, but not in the same place. It's not so bad, they're only about a 5 min drive apart. But Gabriel plays from 6:30 to 7:30. On the other side of the river. 10 mins away. I have like 0 minutes in which to get everyone into the car, get the other kid from the practice, and drive everyone to the next game. Oh for the technology of Star Trek. "Beam me over Scotty!"

Wait, I'm not done yet. Because half the time on Monday evenings, I play at 7:30. Which means that I have exactly 0 minutes in which to pile everyone back into the car and get to my own game every other week.

Then there are Thursdays. Maryssa plays in Iberville at 6:30 every Thursday. Dominic and Jean-Alexandre (once he finally gets his passport, if he ever gets it) play almost every Thursday at 7:00 in any number of cities in this area. Which often means an hour's drive to get there. And they have to be there a half hour early.

Thankfully, I don't have to worry about Maryssa on Thursdays, as my neighbour will take care of her. He's going to the same place. But I still can't drive both boys to different places at the same time! I'm only one person!!! I need to find lifts for them too, escept that none of the other parents seem very enthousiastic about bringing someone else along. Sigh.

I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it. Double sigh. I think when Fall comes, I will threaten them with mutiny. No recreational soccer for a whole session.... I QUIT!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

On holiday

Today we had something we haven't had in a very long, long time; a real Saturday.We didn't have to get up early to go anywhere, and except for a haircut at 9:30 this morning, we had absolutely nothing on our schedule. Nothing. Absolutamente nada. No soccer, no family events, nothing to do but hang around home and get stuff done that needed to be done.

Marc spent much of his time outside in the garden with the kids, while I spent much of my time downstairs, painting in the boys' room. I don't have much left to do.

Marc even went fishing this evening. Now there is something he really enjoys, but hasn't had time to do in a long time. It is really nice to have a Saturday all to ourselves for once. It feels like suddenly we're on holiday.

Yeah, that's how busy we've been with soccer, when just one Saturday off feels like a big holiday.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My mother's day present

On Saturday, Jean-Alexandre wanted to go to the mall, to go shopping with his friends. I wanted to know why he wanted to go shopping. "Oh, nothing you're supposed to know about." He replied. ("Are you suspicious yet?" He asked a few minutes later.)

So, on Saturday we left him at the mall, while the rest of us went to Dominic's soccer game. When we went to pick him up he had a little silver gift bag with him.

Sunday at noon, as we were getting ready to leave to go to my sister-in-law's baby shower, Jean-Alexandre presented me with the gift. Inside was a little silver box.

Auntie Rose Anne: "Oooh, small box is good!"
Me: "Ooooh, small box is very good!"

But I was not quite prepared for what was actually inside:
Jean-Alexandre remembered me mentioning once that I prefered opals to diamonds (opals are blue) he didn't remember which stone it was, just that it was blue. So he got me this. It is blue topaz on a silver ring. I was very touched. He got it for me, partly with his birthday money. (Which was supposed to be for him.) Very generous.

With a rock that big, now I'm a Diva!

And whenever I wonder how I got here and why I'm a mom, I'll have something to remind me. I'm very proud of him.

Monday, May 14, 2007

35 Years Ago Today...

- In the Asia Football Cup of Nations 1972 (Held from May 7 to May 19) Kuweit beat out South Korea 2-1.
- The Battle of Kontum in Vietnam was raging.
- Sherry Jean Pickle went missing from Long Beach, California. She was 16 years old.
- Toronto's present Archbishop, Thomas Collins, was ordained a deacon.
- In the European Football Championship, Romania tied Hungary 2-2.
- In Oromocto, NB Canada, Jeanne Chabot, first of five children, was born to Jean-Nil Chabot and Anne (Peters) Chabot.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Going to a Baby Shower!

This weekend is mother's day. What better day to have a baby shower on right? And my sister-in-law's sister has invited us (the female contingent of the family) including Rose Anne, Dorothy and my mother, to a baby shower on the weekend. Dorothy won't be there, but the rest of us will.

I'm just excited about finally becoming an auntie. And now I have a good reason for looking at all those delicious pink creations for babies in the stores.

It's a good thing they're cute

... because otherwise, children wouldn't survive very long.

I was downstairs, colouring a client's hair, and I hadn't heard Gabriel and Nicolas for a couple of minutes. So I dashed upstairs a minute to make sure Gabriel hadn't wandered outside and let the baby outside too. (That's my worst nightmare, the baby drowning in our pond or getting hit by the cars that go at speeds of 80 to 100 km/hr past our house.) Turns out they were just jumping on the bed in my room. Which they are not supposed to be doing.

So I told them to get out. Halfheartedly. Because I figured, oh well, if that's all they are doing, at least they aren't getting into trouble. So I didn't insist.

I could hear them running in the hall upstairs and then they were back in my room. "Well," says I to my cleint, "at least we know where they are."

Ahh, but we didn't know what they were DOing!

Five minutes later I heard Gabriel go out the front door. I went back up to check that Nicky hadn't gotten out too.

Gabriel's hair was white.

"What is in your hair?" With a horrible presentiment creeping in.
'What?!" Horrible presentiment is a thing of the past, dread is what fills me now.

So I go to check on Nicolas, who is still in my room, and this is what I find:

A whole container of strawberries squished on the floor. A banana peel, also on the floor. And all over the bed? Two whole containers of grated parmesan and romano cheese. Apparently they got hungry while they were waiting for me to finish with my client.

It appears that Gabirel couldn't find the block of cheese so he decided to try eating the grated stuff. In my room. On my bed. With a 17 month old.

I am washing my sheets as I write, and my room still reeks of italian cheese.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Turns out...

... at 6:30, when Jean-Alexandre still hadn't shown up, I called Marc, who, by then, was out of the movie, and told him that Jean-Alexandre hadn't come home yet.

He hadn't come home yet because he arrived just as Marc was leaving, hopped in the car and noone thought to tell ME. Because I'm psychic and I should just KNOW these things!

Weird un-Birthday

I sit at home alone, this fine Sunday afternoon, spending some time on the internet, chatting with my sister, checking out facebook, and sipping amarula, while my husband has left with Dominic, Maryssa and Gabriel to go see Spiderman III, for Jean-Alexandre's birthday. Yes you read that right, and no, Jean-Alexandre is not with them.

Jean-Alexandre invited some friends to go. But they are always too busy. So, one other friend we haven't seen in awhile suddenly shows up at our house, and we decide to invite him. Jean-Alexandre takes off with him to ask his parents if he can come, and we don't hear back from him. The friend is visiting his grandmother's house, but noone in our family knows where this grandmother lives. So after an hour has gone by, and it is time to go, Marc leaves without them.

It has now been almost three hours, and Jean-Alexandre still has not come back. At this rate, Marc will have had the time to drive (20 mins - 1/2 hour out to Brossard, watch the movie and drive back home again, before Jean-Alexandre shows up.

Actually, I'm kind of starting to worry, just a little bit, even though I'm sure he's fine and is just having fun and has forgotten he even wanted to watch a movie and that we exist and whatnot. (Is this typical of teenagers? Did I do this to my parents?)

If he isn't home again by supper though, I'll be sending the hounds out.