Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My mother's day present

On Saturday, Jean-Alexandre wanted to go to the mall, to go shopping with his friends. I wanted to know why he wanted to go shopping. "Oh, nothing you're supposed to know about." He replied. ("Are you suspicious yet?" He asked a few minutes later.)

So, on Saturday we left him at the mall, while the rest of us went to Dominic's soccer game. When we went to pick him up he had a little silver gift bag with him.

Sunday at noon, as we were getting ready to leave to go to my sister-in-law's baby shower, Jean-Alexandre presented me with the gift. Inside was a little silver box.

Auntie Rose Anne: "Oooh, small box is good!"
Me: "Ooooh, small box is very good!"

But I was not quite prepared for what was actually inside:
Jean-Alexandre remembered me mentioning once that I prefered opals to diamonds (opals are blue) he didn't remember which stone it was, just that it was blue. So he got me this. It is blue topaz on a silver ring. I was very touched. He got it for me, partly with his birthday money. (Which was supposed to be for him.) Very generous.

With a rock that big, now I'm a Diva!

And whenever I wonder how I got here and why I'm a mom, I'll have something to remind me. I'm very proud of him.