Monday, June 26, 2017

Ask your kid a question

The following is a list of questions to be asked (without prompting) to each of my children, with the answers of each of my children, written EXACTLY as they said it.

Some of these are quite astute, and others are just... funny...

This was done December 24, 2016.  Jean-Alexandre was 22, Dominic was 18, Maryssa was 16, Raven was 15, Gabriel was 14 and Nicolas was 11.

1. What is something I say a lot?

Jean-Alexandre: "I don't know, shuliyan."
Dominic: "I don't know... LET GO OF ME!!"
Maryssa: "What?!"
Raven: "Vamonos"
Gabriel: "Let go of me"
Nicolas: "Go to bed"

2. What makes me happy?

Jean-Alexandre: "I don't know, books"
Dominic: "Uh... (thinking...) coffee..."
Maryssa: "Books"
Raven: "Soccer, a clean house, books"
Gabriel: "Nothing"
Nicolas: "Hugs!!" (hugs me)

3. What makes me sad?

Jean-Alexandre: "I don't know, bad soccer teams"
Dominic: "Gabriel"
Maryssa: (Gabriel pokes me) "That!! Exactly that!
Raven: "When the dogs pee inside"
Gabriel: "Everything"
Nicolas: "Someone in our family dying"

4. How tall am I?

Jean-Alexandre: "Kinda tall"
Dominic: "5'7"
Maryssa: "I'm 5'5, you're a little taller"
Raven: "Medium sized"
Gabriel: 'Tiny"
Nicolas: "I don't know!!"

5. What's my favourite thing to do?

Jean-Alexandre: "I was going to say read books, but actually, it's being on your cellphone"
Dominic: "Soccer"
Maryssa: "Read, drink pisco, travel"
Raven: "Watch soccer games, read books, make empanadas"
Gabriel: "Freaking soccer obviously"
Nicolas: "Go to mass"

6. What is my favourite food?

Jean-Alexandre: "Well, it's not your favourite food, but every time I think of someone's favourite food, I think of lasagna"
Dominic: "Ummm... (thinking...) I have no idea"
Maryssa: "Flan (with a smirk, because SHE wants me to make HER some)
Raven: "Seafood stirfry"
Gabriel: " You don't have one"
Nicolas: "French toast"

7. If I could go anywhere, where would it be?

Jean-Alexandre: "Mom, I'm not even thinking of you, but France was the first thing that popped into my mind, it's probably Chile or something, even though you already went."
Dominic: "Um, that one place... What was it? I don't even know what it's freakin' called. That one place... With your soccer team?" (Me: "Chile?") "Yup"
Maryssa: "Scotland"
Raven: "Argentina? Chile?"
Gabriel: "Anywhere"
Nicolas: "Scotland"

8. Do you think you could live without me?

Jean-Alexandre: "Yes, what kind of questions are these?"
Dominic: "Yes"
Maryssa: "No"
Raven: "No"
Gabriel: "Easily"
Nicolas: "NOOOOO!! (hugs me again)

9. How do I annoy you?

Jean-Alexandre: "Asking me stupid questions"
Dominic: "Talking too much"
Maryssa: (Thinking a looooooong time, then she asks what I wrote and says, "You should also put: One. Hour. Later.") "Okay, got it, when we ask you a question, and after you look at us and ask "What?!" for the fifth time. That's about when we walk away."
Raven: "You don't really annoy me"
Gabriel: "Talking to me"
Nicolas: "By getting all mad when I hug you"

10.  What is my favourite TV show?

Jean-Alexandre: "Uh... I don't know, Fraser... (laughs) Do you even watch Fraser?"
Dominic: "Soccer"
Maryssa: "Buffy"
Raven: "Soccer show"
Gabriel: "You don't watch TV"
Nicolas: "Friends"

11. How old am I?

Jean-Alexandre: "I don't even remember, maybe 44? How old are you?"
Dominic: "80"
Maryssa: "43"
Raven: "43"
Gabriel: "80"
Nicolas: "43"