Friday, August 27, 2004

From Hi5 - August 27, 2004

Happy Birthday Cecil!!!

Well, I had a busy day today, cooking, ripping wallpaper off the wall, running after kids,... It is so hot in my house,... if only it were relatively warm outside, I might take a dip in the pool just to cool off...

Our bathroom is now functional, as the electrician paid us a visit yesterday, the pump is working in there and we have light!

So here I am, sitting in front of the computer with a little wine and a piece of french bread, to relax a bit before I have to put everyone to bed.


Good night!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

From Hi5 - August 25, 2004

It is 10:25, I am sitting in front of the computer, taking Dominic's turn,... bad me!

I have a house to clean and I still have to unpack things and find a place for them or else put them away in bags/boxes so I can give them away.

I went through a bunch of baby clothes and gave half of them away. Now I should go through kitchen stuff too...

The computer room is a mess, with boxes all over and the kids aren't careful with anything, they nock stuff over and don't bother to pick it up,... grr!

It's like we moved in a month ago instead of a year ago! That is how bad it is! But there was (and still is) so much to do on this house! The boys still don't have a proper room, which means no closet, (no storage)...


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

From Hi5 - August 18, 2004

It's about 10:00 in the morning right now, and only two children are up. Marc is at work and the men working on the bathroom are here right now. They discovered a leak from the pipes in the ceiling, and found out it came from a pipe leading to the washing machine upstairs... so that meant they had to undo part of the ceiling to get at the pipes and now they'll have to repair the pipe and patch up the ceiling again... more work!!!

Last night Dominic played soccer. They also all got their pictures taken and we ordered some sports cards for Dominic, with his picture on them of course as well as his "stats". Maybe people will be collecting them some day? Ha ha. I also took some pictures with my digital camera, but I didn't realize I had a zoom on the camera,... so I'll have to bring it again Thursday and take some with the zoom! Dominic scored a goal yesterday! (This is the 4th time I think, or the 5th?) So we went to Tim Horton's to celebrate. Jean-Alexandre gets his pictures taken on Thursday before the match.

Well, everyone is up now and I keep getting interupted, so I think it is time to go...

Monday, August 16, 2004

From Hi5 - August 16 2004

Today, the men were back putting grout between the tiles of the new bathroom... they think they'll be done the bathroom by Wednesday or Thursday. It's about time!

I play soccer this evening at 7:30. I enjoy that, but since our bathroom is costing so much, I think I might give up soccer this fall... it costs over $120 to play! And that is just me! Jean-Alexandre and Dominic play as well, and it costs over $120 for Jean-Alexandre as well and over $90 for Dominic!

I have to go back to my chores, and my two oldest are claiming the computer for themselves..