Thursday, June 29, 2006

...and now it is time to go to bed

I would post more, but the only time I have to myself is when everyone else is in bed, and usually, by that time, I am more than ready for bed myself.

I am going to suffer in the morning for having taken the time to surf a bit.

This is why nothing intelligent has been posted on this blog in awhile. I am either uninspired, have no time to post, forget what I want to post, or am too tired to coherently express what it is I think I thought I wanted to post.

I am currently in the middle of painting, while trying to get everyone to their respective soccer games/practices, keep the house in a semi-acceptable state of cleanliness, and run a few errands here and there. Nicolas's baptism is coming up on July 9, and we'd like to be done the rooms by then. (Wishful thinking?) I still have the baptism outfit to make.

If only there were 10 more hours in a day. (in which the children STILL slept, but I didn't need to)

Le football au service de la vie?

Football/soccer and life...

C'est tellement beau, ça vaut la peine de regarder...

Friday, June 23, 2006

Sundae Monday

This Monday, Cycle one classes at the school were having a "Sundae Monday" (Cycle one being grades one to three). At one o'clock, they started dishing out ice-cream and putting the toppings on and eating it. I was supposed to help, but had to help Marc at home so arrived five minutes late. ONly five minutes, but it was already ALL OVER. Everything was dished out and eaten!!! So I wasn't much of a help. But I stayed for awhile anyway, and Dominic's teacher took this picture of Dominic reading to Gabriel: (which ended up being a very nice picture)

I like it because everyone looks so relaxed and natural in it. And look at Nicolas, what a cutie!

Family pictures

We went for family pictures on June 10, and did a soccer theme (football for you Europeans and South Americans and everyone else in fact, except for Canada and the US, what's up with us anyway?).

These are only proofs, and scanned at that, and I only have the children, there is one of all of us and one of just Marc and I as well, but this will give you an idea anyway:

Nicolas, 6 months old.
Wearing the Future Soccer Player for Team Canada Shirt

Gabriel, 3 1/2 years old
Wearing the Cerro Porteno shirt

Maryssa, 6 years old
Wearing the Blue Iberville Team Shirt
(Soccer Haut-Richelieu, recreational)

Dominic 7 1/2 years old
Wearing the Celtix Club Shirt
(Soccer Haut-Richelieu, competitif AA)

Jean-Alexxandre 12 years old
Wearing the Attak club shirt
(Club de Soccer Juvenile du Richelieu, compétitif A and AA)

Friday, June 16, 2006


Well, I guess now I will have to cheer for Ecuador. They are doing really well by the way. GOOOOOO Ecuador!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Paraguay vs England

It didn't take long for David Beckham's free kick prowess to make a difference in this one as a deep ball from over 40 yards came into the area and, with several players challenging, the ball went off the head of Paraguay captain Carlos Gamarra and into the net.

Two minutes later, Paraguay starting goalkeeper Justo Villar came out to clear a ball and fell awkwardly, forcing Anibal Ruiz to make a quick substitution, Aldo Bobadilla coming in to replace him.


Déception pour le Paraguay

... mais ils ont quand même bien joué, et chapeau au gardien paraguayen, qui a dû affronter plus de tirs au but que le gardien anglais... Les anglais ont été très chanceux avec leur but, le match aurait pu terminer 0-0.

Lire plus...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I entered a contest

Chom FM in Montreal is having this contest where you can win a Flat-screened Plasma TV for Father's day. Marc would really like to have one, but it's obviously not number one on the list of priorities. It would be really cool if he won. All I had to do was write about why our Dad was the best. So I wrote this:

Our Dad’s the best,
There’s simply no contest.
Father to five,
That’s no jive.
He toils all day,
The bills to pay.
No time for fun,
His work’s not done.
The house needs repair,
So Dad does his share.
The kids all play soccer,
And Dad plays chauffeur.
When is there time to rest and unwind?
Will he some leisure find?
Only when our heads hit the pillows,
Can Dad watch his shows,
On his old T.V.,
We come first, as you can see.
A plasma T.V. he’d love to obtain,
But his family first, he must sustain.
Thus you can clearly understand,
Why our Dad’s so grand.
We’re sure you’ll agree.
That a winner he must be.

Let's all cross our fingers!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Soccer Mom II

I have soccer every single day this week (except Sunday). On Monday, both Jean-Alexandre and Dominic had practices. Today, Maryssa and Dominic played. Tommorow, Jean-Alexandre is going to practice with the AA 12 year old Attak team. (He is currently with the A 12 year olds, but his coach thinks he could go up a level and gave his name to substitute. They are short of players and will need a few replacements.) Thursday, Dominic and Maryssa have games (Jean-Alexandre does not this time), Friday, Dominic has a game to make up (that was rained out last week) and Saturday, Jean-Alexandre will be playing a game.

I'm on automatic pilot now...

A few nights ago, I put Nicolas in his little bed beside ours, and went to bed myself. I woke up in the middle of the night because Nicolas was making those sounds that mean he's about to wake up and want to drink. Only he was beside me in the bed, not in his little bed anymore, and right up against my breast already, and my shirt was already pulled up, like I had fed him, but I HAVE NO RECOLLECTION OF HAVING DONE SO!

I don't think that's ever happened before. I must not have been awake long enough to remember what I was doing.

Breastfeeding is so easy anyway, when the baby sleeps next to you. He never cries because I always know when he's ready and I wake up. I doubt my husband ever even notices anymore, unless Nicolas is in his bed and I have to move over and lean down to get him. Then I might wake him with the moving around.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

World Cup Hairstyles

I keep telling Jean-Alexandre that he has to grow his hair out a little bit now, because, you know, you just can't be a soccer player without long-ish hair...

But some of these soccer hairstyles are a bit wild: