Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I entered a contest

Chom FM in Montreal is having this contest where you can win a Flat-screened Plasma TV for Father's day. Marc would really like to have one, but it's obviously not number one on the list of priorities. It would be really cool if he won. All I had to do was write about why our Dad was the best. So I wrote this:

Our Dad’s the best,
There’s simply no contest.
Father to five,
That’s no jive.
He toils all day,
The bills to pay.
No time for fun,
His work’s not done.
The house needs repair,
So Dad does his share.
The kids all play soccer,
And Dad plays chauffeur.
When is there time to rest and unwind?
Will he some leisure find?
Only when our heads hit the pillows,
Can Dad watch his shows,
On his old T.V.,
We come first, as you can see.
A plasma T.V. he’d love to obtain,
But his family first, he must sustain.
Thus you can clearly understand,
Why our Dad’s so grand.
We’re sure you’ll agree.
That a winner he must be.

Let's all cross our fingers!!!