Sunday, April 30, 2006

My Sumptuous Livingroom...

I finally finished putting up some drapes in my livingroom,... and I must say, drapes certainly do make a difference. I chose a deep red with the same kind of scalloped/flower design as in the rug and the piano bench, plus I have lace curtains in the middle. So depending on how I place the drapes, they are either just an accent for the lace curtains, which let in the light, or I can pull them almost all the way closed in the evening, with the lace curtains all bunched up so noone can see inside. Ahhh, finally, a livingroom that feels like a sanctuary.

Gaufres Belges etc.

Nous sommes allés avec des amis qui restent en arrière, à une cabane à sucre. J et F restent avec leur fils Jo à environ 3-4 maisons du parc qui est en arrière de chez nous. Ils font parti de l'Église Baptiste ici à Saint-Jean. Le pasteur de leur Église faisait une cabane à sucre chez lui et ils nous ont invité à y aller.

Hier soir j'étais debout jusqu'à minuit en train de faire des gaufres à apporter aujourd'hui. On en a mangé hier soir aussi, fait frais, avec du sirop d'érable. Miam, miam, je ne mangerais plus jamais de gaufres congelés... ça ne se compare pas.

Je m'en vais à la messe tantôt car n'avons pas pu y aller ce matin. Je voulais y aller à 10h15, mais quand on est arrivé, il n'y avait personne et les portes étaient barrées. J'ai su plus tard que c'est parce qu'il y avait une messe ailleurs pour les motards, avec bénédictions des motos. Mais puisque je n'y vais pas souvent à cette parroisse, et que j'avais été à l'Oratoire la semaine passée en plus, je n'étais pas au courant. Alors il va falloir que j'y aille encore à 20h00 ce soir à Montréal, à l'Oratoire. J'aime pas ça y aller si tard, mais que veux-tu... on n'a plus beaucoup de choix dans l'horaire des messes aujourd'hui.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Who's the baby?

Same baby right?

Actually, no.

Marc is on the left and Nicolas is on the right.

Marc can't blame the milkman for this one.

Le Grenier

I received this flyer a week or two ago, and I thought "Wow!" upon seeing the sandals. Then the flyer got lost in the recycling. But since my thongs that I have had since I was in Paraguay 13 years ago have finally given up the ghost, (or rather the prong that keeps them on my feet...) and they are no longer really reparable, (I've already repared them a number of times last summer) I have been casually looking for new ones recently. Except I still had that image of these ones in my head.

Then last Tuesday, when I was frantically searching in the recycling for a piece of paper with an address on it that I had lost and needed, I came across the flyer again. It must have been destiny.

I put the flyer aside and continued frantically searching for the address, which I never found, but luckily got a hold of someone who gave it to me again, all the while intending to pay a visit sometime soon to Le Grenier.

Finally, four days later, I have made it to Le Grenier and I have bought the thongs. I have never completely fallen for a pair of shoes or sandals before, but take a look at these ones. Click on the image to get a bigger picture. Let the sandal SPEAK to you. If there is one piece in my whole wardrobe that speaks eloquently of ME, that is it. It reminds me of a watch I used to have, that had a similar style, same colours and similar beading. Whatever the sandal says to you, that is me.

To me, it is the hippy, the bohemian, the artist, and the gypsy all rolled into one with a touch of class and femininity. Something my berkenstocks, no matter how bohemian or hippy they may be, just didn't have. These leave the birkenstocks in the dust. These thongs are 100% Coucoumelle.

Competitive Soccer

Jean-Alexandre has been playing for quite some time in the recreative league and just recently one of his former coaches wanted him to play for a competitive team. The thing is, it is a club from the next county over. The Club in our county is the Celtix. The other one is the Attak. It works by region apparently. You are supposed to try out for the club in your own region. Except that the Attak is level A and the Celtix is level AA (a level higher). We were trying to get Jean-Alexandre to try out for the Celtix anyway, so his coach said let him try out, if he makes it, let him stay there, it's a higher level, it'll be even better for him, if not then they won't have any reason not to sign the lease letting him go play in a different club. (Apparently the whole thing is all very political, and it wasn't all that politically correct for the coach of the U12 Attak team to even approach Jean-Alexandre, but I'm glad he did anyway.)

So today was the end of the evaluation for plays wanting to try out for the 12 year old Celtix team. There were five of them and I think none of them made it. That is fine for Jean-Alexandre. He didn't want to play for them anyway, he prefered to play for the Attak. Now they won't have any reason not to let him go.

But what really got me at the end of the practice, is that the coach told him that he should keep playing in the recreative league (he had no idea that the Attak wanted him, so figured he'd still be playing in the recreative league) and just work at getting better there, and that sometimes, when they needed a player, they went and got them out of the recreative league.

Excuse me, he may have been trying to let him down easily, so he wouldn't be too discouraged, but that is just bulls**t. Jean-Alexandre has been playing year-round in the recreative league for three years now, winter, summer and fall. He is one of the best players in the recreative league. His coaches keep telling us so. Heck, even the guy who is making up the teams for this year's summer program called us up, because he'd heard that Jean-Alexandre was trying out for the Celtix, and he wanted to know how that was going because (he said it, we didn't) Jean-Alexandre was one of the better players and he needed to know if he was playing or not, so he could make the teams as equal as possible (not have too many good players on one team). So if he's been playing all this time and he's already one of the best players, but he's still not good enough for the Celtix, do they REALLY think we believe that someday they just might fish him out of the recreative league once he gets good enough? Come on, we're not that stupid. You only get better by playing against people who are better than you. There is not much room left in the recreative league for Jean-Alexandre to get better. If he is not good enough now, it is not by playing in the recreative league that he will get better. Every year, the difference between the competitive team and the recreative one is going to be GREATER, not lesser. Every year that goes by is going to make it HARDER for Jean-Alexandre to make it in the Celtix. It's already too late for him. They're never going to come and get him, not unless they have no other choice. They'd have to lose a heck of a lot of players before they finally started looking at the recreative league for replacement. The thing is, right now, it would probably only take the boys a few months of practice to catch up. But they have enough players, and they aren't interested in taking on new ones that they'll have to break in. The son of another of Jean-Alexandre's previous coaches was also trying and said coach didn't think they had much of a chance because the team was already pretty much made up, they didn't NEED new players.

I don't care so much that he didn't make it. He's going to play for the Attak anyway, in a more competitive league, so he'll get a chance to better himself. If he ever wants to try out for the Celtix again (or for a different AA team), he'd probably have a much better chance than if he stayed in the recreative league. But it just irks me that the coach for the U12 Celtix team would say something stupid like that and expect us to believe it.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

I am exhausted. My legs hurt. I left home this morning at about 11:30 with all five kids. We stopped to buy a present for a boy, who was having a birthday party this afternoon. (What is the big idea having a party today? Don't these people know it's Good Friday? hmmm) Then it was off running to get to the Good Friday procession.

We left just after 12:30, walked for almost an hour to the cemetary. (I had to breastfeed the baby in the sling while walking.) There was some praying and singing there, then it was off to another parish, more praying, singing and some stuff with the Youth group, and then off to the Cathedral for the 3:00 service (still walking).

We left a bit early because the party (which was at McDonald's) was at 4:00. (Don't these people know that service on Good Friday is ALWAYS at 3:00? Why would they have a party at 4:00?) We still arrived late because we had to walk back to the car, which took about 40 minutes.

Maryssa stayed with Dominic because a little boy for whom they had paid, hadn't come, and Maryssa knew the birthday boy too. Then it was race home, so Jean-Alexandre could change into soccer stuff and then rush over to the soccer stadium so he could be evaluated by the Celtix coach, to see if he could play for them.

Left for McDonald's and finally ended up getting a fish burger and grilled cheese for Gabriel. (No meat- good Friday ya know...) Then I got a second fish burger for Jean-ALexandre, grabbed everyone and left to pick up Jean-Alexandre. Before we left, the birthday boy's parents gave us half the cake because it hadn't been eaten and they were going to have more cake at home and didn't want it. So I'll forgive them for not knowing that Good Friday is more than just an extra holiday off work!!!

Picked up Jean-ALexandre, found out that he'd only done the first half hour of 1 and a half, because they all started running, then sprinting and he had a cold and suddenly couldn't breathe anymore. So now he has to go back,... again. From there we headed to the way of the cross that was supposed to be specially done for children.

Got there, and the benches in the front were all reserved for kids. I sat down beside mine, (because Gabirel needs to be watched) but Gabriel was getting really restless. Went to the bathroom a couple of times, then came back, tried to get Gabriel to listen to what was going on, without much success. Some man behind me kept shushing him and then he even tried shushing the baby!!! THE BABY!!! Hello!!! This is a FOUR-MONTH-OLD baby!!! Try telling him he's not that hungry and he can wait to drink, just try reasoning with that!!! I know Gabriel was being a pain, (but he IS only a kid after all and only three, try reasoning with THAT too, it's worse than reasoning with the 4 month old, at least the baby you can "plug it in, plug it in...") but shushing a baby? That was going a bit far. I finally went to the back with Gabriel.

I ended up leaving the church, going to get the stroller, and tying Gabriel up in it. I had to ask a stranger to hold the baby while I got him back up the stairs into the church, and then five minutes later, it was over.

On the bright side, the other kids enjoyed the way of the cross.

Oh, for the record, after letting the kids wind down in the parish school playground, I finally arrived home just before 9:00 pm.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

About Baptism

Here in my parish, they do this individual meeting with the parents in their own home and then two group preparation courses. So the lady came to my house last week to meet with me. She pretty much took me for the regular run of the mill, in name only, catholic. She started out with a list of reasons why I might want to baptise my child, and taking a look at the first: "It's always been done in our family." I told her I could tell her right away it wasn't the first. So she wanted to know, without looking at the list, what would be my reasons. I said "because it takes original sin away and because it will give him graces." off the top of my head, although there is more to it than that... then she asked me to go through the list and pick those that "meant something for me". Neither original sin nor graces were even mentioned in any of those reasons, and some of them although obviously true for many Quebecers nowadays, just didn't "do anything for me". Funny thing is, one of the reasons was, "Je suis croyant et je veux qu'il le soit aussi." I'm a believer and I want him to be as well. Except that "croyant" was not well written, and I thought it said voyant, which is something totally different. I thought the whole thing said, "I am a seer and I want him to be too. I couldn't believe that they'd actually seriously put such a reason, until my Dad asked me if I was sure it said voyant... hee hee.

Well, pretty much the whole meeting went like this, where it was all about what "spoke" to me most on this and that page. And even when I was dropping hints that I was more than your average non-practicing Catholic, she still didn't get it until she finally asked me if I ever went to mass at all on Sundays. Ahem, yes!

Ohhh, I am so not looking forward to worthless, shallow, baptismal preparation where we shall all sit in a circle and share warm fuzzy feelings about what we think baptism should be all about.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Historietas Para los que hablan español

El Bosque (17 de junio de 2005)
Estamos en ruta para ir en casa de mi hermana. Mirando los arboles al borde de la ruta, Gabriel se exclama: ¡Bosque!
En seguida, oyamos Maryssa en el fondo, un poco perpleja: Como hacemos por entrar ahí (en el bosque), que no hay puerta!

La Muerte (13 de setiembre de 2005)
Maryssa: Cuando muere Dominic, ¿a donde le vamos a poner?
Yo (cogida por sorpresa): Ehh, bueno,... no está muerto todavía...
Maryssa: ¿Quizás en el abono?

Lactancia (Octubre de 2002)
Acabo de llegar en casa con el nuevo bebe, Gabriel. Le estoy dando el pecho.
Maryssa (con ojos muy grandes): ¿Por que te está comiendo el bebe?!

Quitar sus Padres (18 de febrero de 2006)
Maryssa: Mami, ¿estabas en el vientre de Abuela?
Yo: Sí.
Maryssa: ¿Y por que estás aqui ahora?
Yo: Ehh, no se que quieres decir...
Maryssa: ¿Te regalaron a otros?

El baño (agosto de 2002)
Nos vamos de viaje. Dominic no quiere ir al baño antes. Nosotros insistemos. En fin Dominic nos dice: Mi pene no funciona más.

Crecer (diciembre de 2002)
Dominic: Sabes, no hace daño, crecer.

Un papi como vos (6 de agosto de 2004)
Dominic (a su papa): Estoy feliz porque Mama se casó contigo. Yo quería un papi como vos.

El Baño II (10 de marzo de 1999)
A cada noche Juan-Alejandro nos despierta para pedir si puede ir al baño. En fin, le decimos que vaya sin pedirnos, que no es necesario.
Ésta noche, va al baño sin despertarnos, y después viene a despertarnos para decirnos que no nos despertó.

Palabras de Sabiduría (18 de noviembre de 1999)
Juan-Alejandro (a su profesora): Sabes, en la vida no hay razon para ser triste cuando uno tiene un bebe. Yo cuando estoy triste, pienso en mi bebe (Dominic), y me siento mejor.

Cacahuete (14 de julio de 2002)
Juan-Alejandro acaba de descubrir la palabra cacahuete. (Se dice cacaouette en frances, es la misma palabra) En frances, caca quiere decir mierda y pipi es pis.
Juan-Alejandro: Mami, ¿existen pipihuetes?

El Baño III (Tenemos una fijación con éste tema) (6 de enero de 2006)
Digo a Gabriel que vaya al baño.
¡Nunca! dice, ¡No me confio en el pis!

El Baño IV (17 de marzo de 2006)
Yo (con desaprobación): ¡Gabriel! De nuevo hiciste caca en tus pantalones!
Gabriel: No
Yo: ¿Y porque lo puedo oler?
Gabriel: No está bueno tu nariz.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Art by Jean-Alexandre

Jean-Alexandre drew this, but I coloured it in and added a few sprinkles.

He also drew this one.

Jean-Alexandre will be 12 on April 25th. He has been drawing since he was four. Pages and pages of drawings, although now they are fewer and more detailed than before.


I have finally gotten the paper mess up in the kitchen under control. I also finished with those Christmas cards still lying around in my room, which makes for less mess on the bureau in there. Yes you read right, Christmas cards. I kind of stopped in the middle of doing them and never got started again. So to those who had picture coming their way, I took ut the Christmas letter, wrote a new one, attached the Christmas one to that, got rid of the Christmas card, included the pics and sent them off. Those I never got around to will just have to wait until this Christmas.

I am now going to try working on some sewing. Diaper liners for Nicolas, the curtains, and eventually Nicolas's baptism outfit. Speaking of Baptism,... I'll have to post something else later about that whole deal...

My house is relatively clean and I will have to try to keep it that way. But first things first, I must now go and get the dinner ready as my hungry munchkins arrive home from school... I shall be back... someday... with that baptism post... hopefully... Oh, and some artwork from Jean-Alexandre too!!


I just noticed (thanks to that someone from Vatican City has been visiting my blog. (!) I just have to wonder now: Did I pass? (:D) Hee hee. I sure hope so.

Monday, April 03, 2006

AKA Amanita Vaginata

Just in case anyone wanted to know what a coucoumelle looks like:

Got the image here

Coucoumelles are toxic by the way,... so watch out... ;)

Attachment Parenting, now geneticists prove it's the way to go...

Got this from Rose Anne today:

I'm telling you, one of the things I love about translation is all the new things you learn, such as the following (just freshly translated 1 minute ago):
We are born with innate programs but the experiences we acquire influence our reactions. Our emotional relationships can change our genetic code. An article appearing in the April 2005 issue of Science et Vie reported scientific proof of this, "geneticists and development specialists have discovered that significant chemical changes appear on the DNA of newborns as soon as they come into contact with their mothers. In other words, cuddling has an impact that is not so much psychological as genetic! Thus, a mother's caresses can "activate" genes located inside the neurons of the hippocampus. It has been proven that the environment has as much influence on us as our heredity."

So give that little Nicolas there all the TLC he can handle (although I am sure he is getting his share and then some, with all his attentive brothers and his just as attentive sister... oh and of course not forgetting his very loving mother) :-)