Saturday, April 22, 2006

Le Grenier

I received this flyer a week or two ago, and I thought "Wow!" upon seeing the sandals. Then the flyer got lost in the recycling. But since my thongs that I have had since I was in Paraguay 13 years ago have finally given up the ghost, (or rather the prong that keeps them on my feet...) and they are no longer really reparable, (I've already repared them a number of times last summer) I have been casually looking for new ones recently. Except I still had that image of these ones in my head.

Then last Tuesday, when I was frantically searching in the recycling for a piece of paper with an address on it that I had lost and needed, I came across the flyer again. It must have been destiny.

I put the flyer aside and continued frantically searching for the address, which I never found, but luckily got a hold of someone who gave it to me again, all the while intending to pay a visit sometime soon to Le Grenier.

Finally, four days later, I have made it to Le Grenier and I have bought the thongs. I have never completely fallen for a pair of shoes or sandals before, but take a look at these ones. Click on the image to get a bigger picture. Let the sandal SPEAK to you. If there is one piece in my whole wardrobe that speaks eloquently of ME, that is it. It reminds me of a watch I used to have, that had a similar style, same colours and similar beading. Whatever the sandal says to you, that is me.

To me, it is the hippy, the bohemian, the artist, and the gypsy all rolled into one with a touch of class and femininity. Something my berkenstocks, no matter how bohemian or hippy they may be, just didn't have. These leave the birkenstocks in the dust. These thongs are 100% Coucoumelle.