Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Few Pics

Last weekend, we went to my parents' place and on the way home, stopped in Ottawa so the older boys could go to a FIFA U-20 world cup 1/4 finals game. It was Argentina against Mexico. (Argentina won)

I got to see my niece (and goddaughter) for the first time, and visit a bit with my brother Cecil, his wife Jane and Jane's sister, Mary. I also got to visit (for a very short period) with my aunt Pauline and uncle Eddie, who were visiting their grandchildren. (My cousin and her husband live in the same village as my parents).

Here are a few pictures of us all at Grammie and Grandpapa's house, Saturday evening:

Claire, one month old

Jean-Alexandre and Claire

The family: Marc, myself, Jane
Dominic, Cecil, Gabriel, Jean-Alexandre, Claire, Grammie Anne, Maryssa, Grandpapa Jean-Nil, Nicolas

The cousins: Gabriel, Maryssa, Jean-Alexandre, Claire, Dominic, Nicolas

Sunday morning, we went to mass with Grammie, then ordered pizza for lunch. We went walking with Grandpapa, played with lego and cars, ate an early supper, and headed to Ottawa for the 1/4 finals match. We saw my other brother Jean Pierre, in Ottawa and went to a park with him.

Sunday morning, drawing at the table

Myself, Gabriel and Maryssa, feeding the ducks


Monday, July 16, 2007

Isn't it Ironic

I always liked that song by Alanis Morissette, back when she was doing the rebel thing. (I have a bit of a rebel streak myself.)

It's funny how life can throw you one when you least expect it. Last Thursday and Friday, I must have returned 6 or 7 times to the computer repairman because the computer would work at his shop but we would come home and it wouldn't work here. Turns out two things needed replacing, the motherboard and the video card.

Friday morning, as I was preparing, once again, to return to the shop, this time with ALL the pieces of the computer, including keyboard, mouse and even the electrical plugs, to make sure that none of these things was hindering the computer in any way, I got a phone call.

Turns out we'd won a new computer.

Dominic had been selling tickets for his soccer, and we won a prize! Now that's the kind of irony I could stand to see a little more of!

We did finally get the other computer to work properly though.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sonidos de la Tierra

I received this from a friend in Paraguay who is involved with one of the Sonidos de la Tierra schools. PBS did a report on Luis Szaran and his project Sonidos de la Tierra, (sounds of the earth) and you can check that out here: http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/paraguay604/

The synopsis/video is here: http://www.pbs.org/frontlineworld/stories/paraguay604/video_index.html and there are links to an interview with Luis Szaran, original music of the Jesuit Missions (reducciones), where you can listen to two pieces by Domenico Zipoli, directed by Luis Szaran as well as two original pieces composed by Szaran himself, played by the Encarnacion Philharmonic Orchestra. You can also find links to extended interviews and more.

Sonidos de la Tierra is now a partner of Don Bosco Roga in Asuncion, home for street kids. This is where I worked in 1993. You can see some of the boys from Don Bosco Roga in the video.

I think this is such a great idea. Music and art does so much for a society. It brings people together in a positive way, it is creative instead of destructive. This is going to be so good for Paraguay,a country which, compared to other Latin American countries, did not have much cultural structure. It has a culture of course and art and music, but not so organised as other places nor as free. Continual dictatorships will do that to a society you know...

I am hypnotising you... YOU.MUST.GO.CHECK.THIS.OUT !!! The music is really good too. SO.LISTEN.TO.IT It has been 14 years since I was in Paraguay and worked at Don Bosco Roga, and I was only there for 6 months, and only 4 and a half at Don Bosco Roga, but it is still, for me, such an important part of my "baggage".

Friday, July 06, 2007

I may now die in peace...

My life is complete. I am going to be a godmother.

Yes, little Claire Anne will be my little goddaughter. I may now die a completed person.

The only thing left is to become a grandmother. But even if I die tommorrow, when my children finally have their own children, I will still be their grandmother, even if I am dead. On the other hand, very few people actually choose already dead people to be the godparent of their child.

So I must at least stay alive until the baptism. After that, God, you are free to take me whenever you want.

Uhhh,... only if it is REALLY, really your will, because SOMEONE has to be around to make sure the kids don't go heathen... but THY will be done...

For what it's worth...

Winning the Great Canadian Wishlist on Facebook isn't so insignificant as pro-choicers would like us to believe.

For them, it was just a stupid contest and not worth competing in. They started mobilizing late, and many refused to join. This is why they lost. The pro-life group had the advantage of having church groups and whatnot. That's their excuse.

Yeah, like pro-choicers don't have their own groups, like Bread n Roses for example.

I didn't go through any parishes myself, but sent the message along to other people I know, by e-mail, people I happen to know are pro-life, including the other 6 members of my family. NOT ONE PERSON from my own VERY PRO-LIFE family bothered to join. Only ONE out of over 20 of the people I sent the message out to actually joined and supported the Abolish Abortion Wish. So it goes both ways. AND WE STILL WON.

The abortion debate is NOT over, especially because Canada has no law, no limit whatsoever on abortion.

According to polls done, at least 60% of people in Canada are pro-choice. Or some number like that. Maybe more. I'd like to know what kind of questions were asked. (I've never been polled myself on that question) Also, that number likely includes all those who would NEVER personally have an abortion themselves, (because that would be killing their child) but who don't quite have it in themselves to "tell others what to do." Funny how if the issue were something more politically correct to be against, such as slavery, noone would say, "Well personally, I'd never have a slave myself, but I can't tell others what to do." So, say we actually include these "personally" pro-life people who are afraid to stand up for what is truely right in with the pro-life group instead of the pro-choice group, I'd like to know then just how many pro-choicers really would be left.

Then, add those who are pro-life except in case of danger to the mother's life. (Which is pretty much pro-life - you try to save both lives, but if one dies to save the other, that's life.)

Then, what about those who are pro-choice but only for the first trimester? Canada allows abortion right up to natural birth. No exceptions. Ironically, a person can be charged on two accounts of murder if he/she murders a pregnant woman, but a pregnant woman will not be charged for aborting a nine-month old foetus. The difference? One was "desired" the other not. So I guess this gives us the right to kill people of undesirable races too? Or the homeless? Or whatever?

The abortion debate is nowhere near being over. If abortion were only allowed within the first 12 weeks, already that would be a battle won. If we were to allow it only in cases of risk to the mother's health, that would be much better. But those risks would have to be well-defined so as not to allow abuse.

What I am hoping for obviously, is that some day, women will not feel pressured to have an abortion nor feel that there is no other way out. Someday, all women will have the support they need to either keep thier child or place him/her for adoption. And unborn babies will only die either of natural causes or as the result of some procedure done to the mother to save her life, and in spite of the fact that everything was done to also save the baby's life.

Since the radical pro-choice, abortion-as-contraception crowd is eventually going to kill itself off, having fewer and fewer children, while on the other hand, the pro-life crowd will still be having children (and more than just one or two), who is going to win in the end?

The Great Canadian Wishlist is only the beginning.