Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Few Pics

Last weekend, we went to my parents' place and on the way home, stopped in Ottawa so the older boys could go to a FIFA U-20 world cup 1/4 finals game. It was Argentina against Mexico. (Argentina won)

I got to see my niece (and goddaughter) for the first time, and visit a bit with my brother Cecil, his wife Jane and Jane's sister, Mary. I also got to visit (for a very short period) with my aunt Pauline and uncle Eddie, who were visiting their grandchildren. (My cousin and her husband live in the same village as my parents).

Here are a few pictures of us all at Grammie and Grandpapa's house, Saturday evening:

Claire, one month old

Jean-Alexandre and Claire

The family: Marc, myself, Jane
Dominic, Cecil, Gabriel, Jean-Alexandre, Claire, Grammie Anne, Maryssa, Grandpapa Jean-Nil, Nicolas

The cousins: Gabriel, Maryssa, Jean-Alexandre, Claire, Dominic, Nicolas

Sunday morning, we went to mass with Grammie, then ordered pizza for lunch. We went walking with Grandpapa, played with lego and cars, ate an early supper, and headed to Ottawa for the 1/4 finals match. We saw my other brother Jean Pierre, in Ottawa and went to a park with him.

Sunday morning, drawing at the table

Myself, Gabriel and Maryssa, feeding the ducks