Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sonidos de la Tierra

I received this from a friend in Paraguay who is involved with one of the Sonidos de la Tierra schools. PBS did a report on Luis Szaran and his project Sonidos de la Tierra, (sounds of the earth) and you can check that out here:

The synopsis/video is here: and there are links to an interview with Luis Szaran, original music of the Jesuit Missions (reducciones), where you can listen to two pieces by Domenico Zipoli, directed by Luis Szaran as well as two original pieces composed by Szaran himself, played by the Encarnacion Philharmonic Orchestra. You can also find links to extended interviews and more.

Sonidos de la Tierra is now a partner of Don Bosco Roga in Asuncion, home for street kids. This is where I worked in 1993. You can see some of the boys from Don Bosco Roga in the video.

I think this is such a great idea. Music and art does so much for a society. It brings people together in a positive way, it is creative instead of destructive. This is going to be so good for Paraguay,a country which, compared to other Latin American countries, did not have much cultural structure. It has a culture of course and art and music, but not so organised as other places nor as free. Continual dictatorships will do that to a society you know...

I am hypnotising you... YOU.MUST.GO.CHECK.THIS.OUT !!! The music is really good too. SO.LISTEN.TO.IT It has been 14 years since I was in Paraguay and worked at Don Bosco Roga, and I was only there for 6 months, and only 4 and a half at Don Bosco Roga, but it is still, for me, such an important part of my "baggage".