Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

I am exhausted. My legs hurt. I left home this morning at about 11:30 with all five kids. We stopped to buy a present for a boy, who was having a birthday party this afternoon. (What is the big idea having a party today? Don't these people know it's Good Friday? hmmm) Then it was off running to get to the Good Friday procession.

We left just after 12:30, walked for almost an hour to the cemetary. (I had to breastfeed the baby in the sling while walking.) There was some praying and singing there, then it was off to another parish, more praying, singing and some stuff with the Youth group, and then off to the Cathedral for the 3:00 service (still walking).

We left a bit early because the party (which was at McDonald's) was at 4:00. (Don't these people know that service on Good Friday is ALWAYS at 3:00? Why would they have a party at 4:00?) We still arrived late because we had to walk back to the car, which took about 40 minutes.

Maryssa stayed with Dominic because a little boy for whom they had paid, hadn't come, and Maryssa knew the birthday boy too. Then it was race home, so Jean-Alexandre could change into soccer stuff and then rush over to the soccer stadium so he could be evaluated by the Celtix coach, to see if he could play for them.

Left for McDonald's and finally ended up getting a fish burger and grilled cheese for Gabriel. (No meat- good Friday ya know...) Then I got a second fish burger for Jean-ALexandre, grabbed everyone and left to pick up Jean-Alexandre. Before we left, the birthday boy's parents gave us half the cake because it hadn't been eaten and they were going to have more cake at home and didn't want it. So I'll forgive them for not knowing that Good Friday is more than just an extra holiday off work!!!

Picked up Jean-ALexandre, found out that he'd only done the first half hour of 1 and a half, because they all started running, then sprinting and he had a cold and suddenly couldn't breathe anymore. So now he has to go back,... again. From there we headed to the way of the cross that was supposed to be specially done for children.

Got there, and the benches in the front were all reserved for kids. I sat down beside mine, (because Gabirel needs to be watched) but Gabriel was getting really restless. Went to the bathroom a couple of times, then came back, tried to get Gabriel to listen to what was going on, without much success. Some man behind me kept shushing him and then he even tried shushing the baby!!! THE BABY!!! Hello!!! This is a FOUR-MONTH-OLD baby!!! Try telling him he's not that hungry and he can wait to drink, just try reasoning with that!!! I know Gabriel was being a pain, (but he IS only a kid after all and only three, try reasoning with THAT too, it's worse than reasoning with the 4 month old, at least the baby you can "plug it in, plug it in...") but shushing a baby? That was going a bit far. I finally went to the back with Gabriel.

I ended up leaving the church, going to get the stroller, and tying Gabriel up in it. I had to ask a stranger to hold the baby while I got him back up the stairs into the church, and then five minutes later, it was over.

On the bright side, the other kids enjoyed the way of the cross.

Oh, for the record, after letting the kids wind down in the parish school playground, I finally arrived home just before 9:00 pm.