Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I have finally gotten the paper mess up in the kitchen under control. I also finished with those Christmas cards still lying around in my room, which makes for less mess on the bureau in there. Yes you read right, Christmas cards. I kind of stopped in the middle of doing them and never got started again. So to those who had picture coming their way, I took ut the Christmas letter, wrote a new one, attached the Christmas one to that, got rid of the Christmas card, included the pics and sent them off. Those I never got around to will just have to wait until this Christmas.

I am now going to try working on some sewing. Diaper liners for Nicolas, the curtains, and eventually Nicolas's baptism outfit. Speaking of Baptism,... I'll have to post something else later about that whole deal...

My house is relatively clean and I will have to try to keep it that way. But first things first, I must now go and get the dinner ready as my hungry munchkins arrive home from school... I shall be back... someday... with that baptism post... hopefully... Oh, and some artwork from Jean-Alexandre too!!