Monday, April 03, 2006

Attachment Parenting, now geneticists prove it's the way to go...

Got this from Rose Anne today:

I'm telling you, one of the things I love about translation is all the new things you learn, such as the following (just freshly translated 1 minute ago):
We are born with innate programs but the experiences we acquire influence our reactions. Our emotional relationships can change our genetic code. An article appearing in the April 2005 issue of Science et Vie reported scientific proof of this, "geneticists and development specialists have discovered that significant chemical changes appear on the DNA of newborns as soon as they come into contact with their mothers. In other words, cuddling has an impact that is not so much psychological as genetic! Thus, a mother's caresses can "activate" genes located inside the neurons of the hippocampus. It has been proven that the environment has as much influence on us as our heredity."

So give that little Nicolas there all the TLC he can handle (although I am sure he is getting his share and then some, with all his attentive brothers and his just as attentive sister... oh and of course not forgetting his very loving mother) :-)