Thursday, June 29, 2006

...and now it is time to go to bed

I would post more, but the only time I have to myself is when everyone else is in bed, and usually, by that time, I am more than ready for bed myself.

I am going to suffer in the morning for having taken the time to surf a bit.

This is why nothing intelligent has been posted on this blog in awhile. I am either uninspired, have no time to post, forget what I want to post, or am too tired to coherently express what it is I think I thought I wanted to post.

I am currently in the middle of painting, while trying to get everyone to their respective soccer games/practices, keep the house in a semi-acceptable state of cleanliness, and run a few errands here and there. Nicolas's baptism is coming up on July 9, and we'd like to be done the rooms by then. (Wishful thinking?) I still have the baptism outfit to make.

If only there were 10 more hours in a day. (in which the children STILL slept, but I didn't need to)