Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weird un-Birthday

I sit at home alone, this fine Sunday afternoon, spending some time on the internet, chatting with my sister, checking out facebook, and sipping amarula, while my husband has left with Dominic, Maryssa and Gabriel to go see Spiderman III, for Jean-Alexandre's birthday. Yes you read that right, and no, Jean-Alexandre is not with them.

Jean-Alexandre invited some friends to go. But they are always too busy. So, one other friend we haven't seen in awhile suddenly shows up at our house, and we decide to invite him. Jean-Alexandre takes off with him to ask his parents if he can come, and we don't hear back from him. The friend is visiting his grandmother's house, but noone in our family knows where this grandmother lives. So after an hour has gone by, and it is time to go, Marc leaves without them.

It has now been almost three hours, and Jean-Alexandre still has not come back. At this rate, Marc will have had the time to drive (20 mins - 1/2 hour out to Brossard, watch the movie and drive back home again, before Jean-Alexandre shows up.

Actually, I'm kind of starting to worry, just a little bit, even though I'm sure he's fine and is just having fun and has forgotten he even wanted to watch a movie and that we exist and whatnot. (Is this typical of teenagers? Did I do this to my parents?)

If he isn't home again by supper though, I'll be sending the hounds out.