Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Protection of Foetal life and strict limits on Abortion

This from a pro-life group I am on...

It may be of interest to appreciate that most European countries absolutely protect foetal life for the final six months. The term limits are shown below.

Austria 12 weeks
Belgium 12 weeks
Bulgaria 12 weeks
Czech Republic 12 weeks
Denmark 12 weeks
Estonia 12 weeks
France 12 weeks
Germany 12 weeks
Greece 12 weeks
Hungary 12 weeks
Italy 12 weeks
Latvia 12 weeks
Lithuania 12 weeks
Luxembourg 12 weeks
Malta illegal
Netherlands 13 weeks
Poland 12 weeks
Romania 14 weeks
Slovakia 12 weeks
Slovenia 10 weeks

Of the remaining few countries, term limits extend from 16 up to 24 weeks.
Many of these countries operate strict conditions even within the term limits.

All of which shows that Canada is in an extreme position - no term limit and no strict conditions.