Wednesday, March 05, 2008

You want to make a memory?

If you go now, I’ll understand
If you stay, hey, I got a plan
You wanna make a memory
You wanna steal a piece of time
You could sing a melody to me
And I could write a couple lines
You wanna make a memory
Bon Jovi

There was nothing spectacular, nothing extraordinary, nothing scandalous, nothing worth mentioning, simply a bit of time shared. There was nothing emotional, no deep conversation, no secrets, just a brief glance into another's dream, another's soul, a glimpse into another's vocation, profound in its simplicity.

We made a memory. It wasn't planned, it just happened. Now it's an image, a piece of time transcribed in my mind and about 90 seconds saved in my computer. This is your art, your passion, your vocation and you let me in for a short while. A privilege for me. Thank you for sharing.