Monday, September 05, 2005

Tempest Fugit

Funny how with time things change and relationships aren't what they used to be.

A couple of friends of ours (from the Québec City area) and their children came to visit us yesterday on their way into Montreal to visit another couple of friends who just had a baby (and who also happen to be friends of ours). While they were here, my friend D--- talked on the phone with our friend C--- (who just had the baby). Apparently, other mutual friends of ours were going to come to her house today to spend time together while D--- and her husband S--- were there. One of them has just come back after a year spent doing missionary work in Africa. These are all people who were part of our "gang" back when I was still living in St-Romuald, on the south shore of Québec City. They are the ones who have moved to the Montreal area and don't see the Québec City half of the "gang" as often.

D--- and S--- were going to try to come by and visit us again on their way back to Québec City this afternoon, but this morning they decided that it wasn't worthwhile because they wouldn't have much time to spend with us anyway.

It was this morning that it hit me how bizarre that should seem. Eight years ago, there would have been no question of them coming by to see us after visiting with all these friends in Montreal, because WE would have been right there at C---'s place along with everybody else. We only live about a half hour drive away. It took an hour for the guy who was recently in Africa to get to C---'s place from where he was.

It is at times like this, that I realize that I am no longer "part of the gang". DH and I moved away to BC and I guess we were gone too long, because it isn't that they don't WANT to see us anymore, it is more like they don't even THINK of us anymore. I am one of those people they used to see a lot of, a long time ago.

And while that kind of hurts to think that it is over, at the same time, I realize I have moved on, it took me a whole day to even realize how bizarre the whole situation should seem. I realize I don't have all that much in common with C--- anymore anyway, nor with some of the others.

The opposite is true however, with D--- and S---. With them it is like we never moved away, every time we see each other, we always have lots to say, never an awkward moment, always at ease with each other.