Monday, September 05, 2005

My Vision (That you are all so fascinated by, I know... ha ha)

The Spot Posted by Picasa

So, if I am sitting at the computer, my eyes about a foot and a half away from the screen and I am looking at this image of white tiles, staring at the middle (where the circle is) this is what I see with my left eye. (Click on picture to get it the right size.) Everything that is white looks green under the spot and straight lines are slightly disfigured. Other than that, the focus is still good at least. This is in good light. In bad light the spot becomes much more dark. On a green wall the spot looks like a violet-blue ringed with orange-y pink. When there is poor light, I cannot see very well where the spot is because the spot becomes very dark and quite (although not completely) opaque.

Thank goodness this is only happening in one eye. I wouldn't be driving at night anymore if it were in both eyes. I wouldn't be able to see much in front of me, only out of the side of my eyes.