Sunday, September 25, 2005


Marc rented this movie last night. Jean-Alexandre told me that I had said I didn't want them watching it when I had seen a preview of it on TV, but I didn't remember having seen one. I didn't think it wold be so bad. But there is definitely a reason for it being restricted. I should have taken the kids away long before I finally did. For those who like paranormal movies, with lots of demons, and can handle blatant theological errors and don't mind the Catholic Church being portrayed as unforgiving,... then this is for you. Personally it just got on my nerves. This is like the second or third book/movie I come across that has either vampires or devils and priests/exhorcists from the Catholic Church in it combatting the evil but where people are still damned to Hell and have no possibility of forgiveness from God for some sin too horrible. Most of the time the sin isn't even really their own fault,... which is totally ridiculous. Also, the idea in this movie, that God made a pact with the devil "for fun" to see which side would win the most souls,... and that the devil had a son who wanted to come to earth, and the archangel Gabriel is actually the bad guy in the movie... well that seems kind of contrary to anything I believe. I didn't like the movie.