Monday, February 06, 2006

All right, I admit it...

Hello, my name is Jeanne and I'm addicted to What Not to Wear, A Makeover Story and 10 Years Younger. Not that I really enjoy the shows that much, I just like to see the transformation. I am a hairdresser and in the fashion business after all... If only we could see more of the actual techniques of some of the cuts. Actually though, half the time, I don't like the style of the hair. Sometimes I like the cut but not how it's styled. They have a tendancy to want to style the hair in the face too much, and much of the time I think the hair would look much better just a tad less layered. I don't always agree on what clothes are nice, but most of the time it's not too bad.

I usually never watch TV and now here I am spending half my day in front of the darn thing. You see, I sit down to nurse, and I put on the TV. I did that once, and now I'm hooked. HEEEELP!!!

I am also (slightly less) addicted to Trading Spaces, Clean Sweep and While You Were Out. It's the transformation thing again. I love decorating a house. But sometimes they have wild ideas...

This isn't the kind of show I mind missing if there's something else to do however... I mean, I wouldn't exactly tape them if I were going out or something... And I don't like the format of them so much... they'd be more interesting if they were less "reality show", (trying to go for the emotions), and more informative, (techniques, tips, etc...) instead.

While we're on the topic of makeovers, I think I need one myself. Not that I want to be on any of the above shows, I prefer to have a little more control over what happens to me than that, and I don't think I'm all that hopeless when it comes to style. In other words, when I make an effort, I do have style. The other day I went to choose a new pair of glasses because my sight has changed one level in my right eye and two levels in my left eye. I chose a pair that are avant-gardiste, (I wonder if my friend will approve) because I have a tendancy to keep my glasses a very long time. I want them to still be in style in 10 years.

I looked at myself in the mirror with these glasses on and all of a sudden I noticed how frumpy my clothes looked next to these glasses. The problem is, none of my nice stuff actually fits me now that I have the extra 15 pounds to lose again. And I want to lose the weight before I go out and buy nice stuff. I need new jeans because they are so hopelessly worn out, but I keep wearing them because except for a couple of pairs of pants, I can't wear anything else unless it has an elastic waistband, which usually means it is a pair of jogging pants... but I don't want to buy new jeans until I lose the weight... except what If I never lose it? Or what if it takes years again before I do?

Hair I can change now. I'm thinking take a couple of inches off the length to get rid of split ends, and then rasor it into long layers with just a few shorter pieces around the face that I can leave out and play with even when my hair is pulled back or put up... Thing is, I kind of like the hippie look, even though the hippie look is kind of boring (not great for someone who is supposed to be in the fashion business), and I'm not so sure about layers, I've had layers before and the thing with layers is, when you don't style it, it looks bad... am I going to want to style my hair every day?

This makeover story is... to be continued...