Friday, July 22, 2005

Coucoumelle the Hippie

Me, on a hippie-hair day... Posted by Picasa

Apparently, my glasses are passé, outdated, out of style, old, they have gone the way of big hair and legwarmers. I am aware that my glasses are no longer the latest style, but at least they aren't ugly (yet) not like the huge glasses I had as a teenager back in the eighties... you know, the kind we'd all like to forget any of us ever wore...

A friend of mine wanted me to try on his glasses yesterday (his are so much more IN) the thick square plastic brown glasses that were so avant-gardiste back when I bought these glasses. (Only artists and rebels were wearing them) Had I gone for
avant-gardiste instead of just à la mode I might still be in style today... My friend was trying to convince me I really needed to get a new pair of glasses. Okay, so mine are 10 years old, but I can still see clearly with them, they aren't falling apart, and they go not too badly with my face, do I really need a new pair? Or would that just be vanity?

However, I have to admit, the above picture would probably be more interesting if I had a pair of super-cool glasses on instead of the pair I have there...

Hey, if I wait another 10 years, maybe we'll have come full-circle and my glasses will be avant-gardiste.