Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The book is mine once again...

I've discontinued my book and had the rights returned to me.
"You own the unformatted text only, and you can do as you choose with that alone. PublishAmerica continues to own the ISBN number, the cover design, and the layout design of the text. Any use of any of these items would be a serious and very clear case of infringement. Therefore, you can use the same design only if we transfer the rights to you, or to your new publishing company. If you would like to use the cover or layout design, we would transfer the rights to your cover design and/or text layout, and provide you with high resolution pdf files of each. The cover design would cost $500, and/or the text layout would cost $250."
Umm yeah, about the cover design?  I hated it.  You can keep it and good riddance.  I imagine I can always get another ISBN if ever I publish the book with a real publisher and I doubt that I will need the layout design.  Not that I even have a copy of that, so thanks but no thanks.  Publishing with Publish America has already been a waste of both time, and unfortunately money as well, since the books I DID buy, somehow got lost in the mail and were never found again. (Not your fault, but still... a waste of my money.)

I think I'll just revise it, and try somewhere else, or publish it electronically.