Thursday, November 01, 2012


I love Hallowe'en.  I dress up every year and take the hobbits trick-or-treating.  I think Hallowe'en is just as much for adults as it is for kids (minus the candy).

But WHAT is up with Hallowe'en costumes for women?  It doesn't matter what you wish to dress up as on Hallowe'en there is a skimpy woman's costume for that at the store.  For some strange reason, little girls can still be princesses and yes, even vampires, and the costumes are not skimpy.  But get into adult sizes, and suddenly the costume makers have either run out of material or got the measurements wrong for the women's costumes.  Just the women's costumes, for some reason the men's costumes are fine.

Who designs these things anyway?  Most likely men.  But they wouldn't, if women weren't BUYING them.

Well women, we don't have to buy them.  Hallowe'en is supposed to be about having fun, not about who can be the most trashy.

My daughter wanted to be a warrior princess.  It's a good thing I know how to sew because if I had to rely on store-bought costumes, she may have ended up looking like this:

Instead, she ended up looking like this:

Much more awesome, I think.

Yesterday, I went out with the kids and I wasn't the only parent dressed up.  There were a lot of moms and dads dressed up in awesome costumes that looked nothing like the skimpy things I see in stores, so it would seem that there are women out there NOT buying the things.

Girls, you know the guy who thinks you look hot?  The guy who says you look so beautiful, he wants to make love to you, he loves your long legs/curves/neck/insert body part, he just can't get enough of you?

Forget him.

Go for the guy who, when you say something and mean it, thinks "Wow."  Go for the guy who can't get enough of your mind, who loves your sense of humour, who thinks you are one of the most amazing people he has ever met, and can't get enough of talking with you.  Go for the guy who gets excited about the same things you do.

There comes a time, when it won't matter to you anymore how hot your man thinks you are.  You will wonder then, not "when was the last time he looked at me with lust in his eyes." but rather "When was the last time we had a significant conversation?  When was the last time we talked about something other than the mundane?"

Girls, if you want your man to treat you like a princess, you have to look the part.  Men tend to be visual.  Dress like a princess and you will get treated like a princess.  Dress like a slut and you will get treated like a slut - used and then thrown out.

For the record, this is a princess:

Princess Ameerah of Saudi Arabia
And these are, well, you know...

Boston Slut March