Saturday, October 20, 2012

What a little Chartreuse will do

So, my husband went to go play volleyball and took the three youngest hobbits with him yesterday evening, and I went and drank 1/2 a glass of Chartreuse, and proceeded to sing loudly along to drunken Irish, American and Canadian songs on YouTube   Then I finished the bottle, managed to get myself plastered, and started a conversation with a friend in which he found me very funny and through which I giggled and snorted at myself (it was not pretty) the whole way through because I could not spell anymore and I had suddenly become dyslexic.  I temporarily could not find my Hotmail, which I found extremely funny (even though it is right there on the bookmarks bar at the top of my screen). I sent my friend my book that I just finished, and amazingly, this morning I still do not quite regret having done so, although perhaps I may yet.  Oh those nasty monks...  (wink, wink)  (Oh my aching head)

When my husband came home, I went to bed whereupon I proceeded to finish the most intense rosary I have ever prayed.  I cried the whole way through.  The last Our Father was extremely intense; THY WILL BE DONE.  Please God, make things better.  ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.  Give us this day our daily bread - not the physical bread God, the spiritual bread - please - give me that.

I will admit to having perhaps "yelled" (in my mind) at God a couple of times.

This morning, excepting the headache, I am surprisingly at peace.  I'm guessing the "holy water" made by the monks managed to "disinfect" my insides and give me courage to do a number of things I probably never would have otherwise.