Friday, October 26, 2012

Truth... and Reason

I'm beginning to think there is more to this idea that men should be the "head of the household".

There is the obvious - men are physically stronger; but that's not it.  It goes deeper than that, and it isn't that women are in a lower class, and need to be told what to do either.  It isn't that at all.  Being the head does not make you the boss.

If men are the head of the household, it goes without saying that women are the heart.

Peter Kreeft compares men, in a talk that he gives, to reason and women to faith.  In general, this is true.  We are complementary.  He goes on to say that Christianity is a marriage.  Not just between Christ and his bride the Church, but between man (Adam) and Eve (woman), between Reason (which started with the Greek philosophers) and Faith (which started with Judaism and is completed in Christianity).

When a "divorce" happens between faith and reason, the Church weakens.

I know quite a few men, who seem to be fountains of knowledge (and reason).  My father is one.  I often turned to him as an adolescent when I wanted an answer to something.  Back in high school, a friend of mine was constantly asking questions; searching for answers.  My brothers are both well-read and sources of all kinds of information.  Another friend, back in University was the same, and now, when I get together with him and his wife, the conversation is always stimulating. My husband, although not interested in matters of faith, religiously reads the news every day, and when in doubt over what to do about some household problem, I often turn to him.  I have more recently been in contact with other men who seem to almost know everything, and others who ask the most interesting questions in their quest for knowledge.

For years, I have had to be both faith and reason when it comes to teaching my children about God.  I have spent hours searching for things which might awaken their senses, or stimulate their minds and desire to know Him.  A girl gets tired doing this on her own all the time, and oh, at times, how I wish someone would just step in and take over.  I'm afraid I'm not doing such a good job in the "head" department.