Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Coucoumelle Inc

Certain things happened at my part-time job which led me to seriously consider quitting.  It turns out that I did not have to quit, because I was fired instead, with no real explication why (although I have a few hunches).  I was more than happy to leave, it saved me the bother of going through agonizing weeks of "Do I continue and see if it gets better even though I don't foresee it getting better soon or do I quit now?"

I suppose that this was God's not so gentle nudge out the door and through a new one.  This particular job experience gave me the desire to work for myself, at something I LIKE to do.

For years now, people have been telling me I should make pinatas to sell.  So I decided I would start up my own business, making pinatas, painting pictures, and sewing things to sell.

It took awhile to finally come up with a logo that I liked, that looked professional. I wanted it to be something mushroom-y because the coucoumelle is a mushroom. I also wanted it to look artsy. I was finally inspired by this photo on the internet.  I cropped it so you could see just the underside and part of the stem, and that's when the idea of this round image with the ridges of the mushroom like spokes around the stem came to me. It's the perfect image as each spoke is a different shade, which kind of reminds one of tints, shades and tones of paint.  From this perspective it is also reminiscent of a painter's palette, which is exactly what I wanted.  I'd been trying to do something like this for awhile now, but it never looked quite right.

Coucoumelle is a user name I came up with after perusing the French dictionary one day, in search of a random word to use for a Neopets account.  I never did much with the neopets account, but I liked the word Coucoumelle for two reasons.  I liked it because it has "cou cou" in it, which, in French, means "peek-a-boo!"  I thought that was pretty spiffy for a username, so when I signed up on the group Mothering with Grace, that became my username there.  By the time I signed up for myspace, Bebo and facebook, Coucoumelle had become my alter ego.  I also liked the name because my husband is an amateur mushroom-picker.  He took a course at university on mushrooms and learned which ones are good to eat and which ones are not.  The name Coucoumelle reminds me of him.

So far I have finished 3 pinatas (almost done 2 more) and 3 gift/tote bags. (I am working on a 4th bag as well).  I have plans to do some painting and maybe some gift cards as well (using scrapbooking techniques). I also made some pot holders and will probably work on some place mats and other kitchen/eating accessories.  To the list of bags, I want to add activity bags (that come with matching pencil cases) and drawstring goodie bags.

Some of the stuff I've made so far:  pinatas, gift bags that double
as tote bags, and pot-holders