Friday, March 16, 2012

It's not about "rights"

The whole contraception debate going on right now in the US?  It's not about anyone's right to contraception.  Contraception hasn't been banned, you can still go out and pay for your own contraception to cover your own personal needs.  Actually, half the time, you don't even need to buy them because they get handed out for free.

That's beside the point.  If you want to avoid having children, that is your decision, and it is normal that you should pay for that decision.  It's not like pregnancy is a disease to be avoided.  It's more like an option, a private decision.  One that shouldn't implicate the rest of us.

Especially those of us who believe contraception is wrong.

If a non-Catholic company wants to include contraception in their health-care insurance, that is their business.  If a Catholic company does not want to include contraception in their health-care insurance, that should also be their business.

If you have a problem with that, don't work for the Catholic company, go work for the non-Catholic company. It's a simple solution really.

But this debate isn't about access to contraception, it's about freedom of religion.  It's all about imposing your values on the Catholic Church, because you don't like the ones it has.  If you can't change it's views by simple discussion, argument or even whining, then you'll just shove your views down the Church's throat.

So much for tolerance.