Tuesday, March 20, 2012

11 on her own

The story of Kristin Bothur:

March 19, 2012

Dear Mr. Anderson:

This is the story of how the State of Connecticut took $347 from my ten dependent children in order to pay the debts of a man who robbed me of $9900. How did this happen?

* January 1, 2007: my husband, Thomas J. Bothur, Jr., walked out on our family, leaving me with no money and 10 minor children at home.

* My ex-husband used his place of employment and position (bank manager) to transfer all joint money into a personal account, without my knowledge or consent.

* Early 2007: My ex-husband filed joint state and federal tax returns for 2006; he had the refunds direct deposited into this personal account, again without my knowledge or consent.

* My ex-husband failed to pay state income tax, which has still not been paid as of today.

* I was left with no money to hire an attorney to seek child support.

* March - December of 2007: after I obtained an attorney, child support was received

* Around June of 2007, my ex-husband moved to New Jersey; child support payments were not enforced.

* December 2007 through September 2010: no child support, save for ONE payment, was received.

* August of 2010, our jointly owned home was foreclosed on due to lack of payment and a lack of the courts’ enforcement.

* December of 2010: after writing letters to a variety of state and federal agencies, asking for help with my case, a federal marshal was assigned to investigate my case.

* My ex-husband could not be found in violation of non-support since he did make that ONE payment in April of 2008. The marshal also investigated claims of check fraud; this could not be presented in a Connecticut court due to his New Jersey residency and my inability to retain a lawyer in New Jersey to take a deposition.

* These financial issues have been brought to the attention of the judges overseeing our divorce and custody hearings. No judge has listened to me, even though I believe my ex-husband has broken the law.


* I am owed over $80,000 from my ex-husband in child support. I have not received a penny since January 15, 2012; he is now claiming bankruptcy which stops any attempts I might make at receiving support.

* I am living 200% below the federal poverty level, raising 8 minor children.

* I cannot get energy assistance or cash assistance from the Department of Social Services.

* Any money I make is taken from me as payment for the debts he incurred while still married, or deducted from the food stamps I do receive, which doesn’t enable me to pay any bills, such as rent, electric, etc.

I have been served with great injustice from our court system and other government agencies that are supposed to protect and help adults and children who have been wronged by others, just as my family and I have. As a resident of Connecticut for 36 years, I have lived according to the law before, during, and after my divorce. I am asking for your assistance in correcting the errors that have been made to me and my family.


Kristin Bothur

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