Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In which I slap myself on the back

... well sort of...

I just kind of thought it really funny when, last night, after I scored two goals on a team we haven't really played before, suddenly they were all like:  "No! No! Stay on her!!"  And "Look, this is what she does... watch her..."

Uh guys, as much as I enjoy being talked about like that, (it's good for the ego) I'm not really that good.  (Actually, the one you normally have to watch for is Jean-Alexandre, but he wasn't feeling all that good yesterday, so he didn't stand out much.  But he's the goal scorer.)

The secret to my goal scoring (and to our team wins) is team work.  The rest of my team does all the work, while I stand somewhere near the net and wait for an opportunity.  Well okay, I do some work too, but seriously, I don't run as fast as the guys, so they still do more work than I do.  Also, we pass.  A lot.  Many of the other teams don't seem to have that connection, that pass-back-and-forth-all-the-time thing.  Sometimes, it's better to pass off to someone on the other side of the net instead of taking the shot.  Because the goalie's ready for you, but he might not make it to the other side in time to block the other person.

So how did I score last night?  Someone else (a few someone elses) got the ball to the net, and then, instead of taking the shot which the goalie, who was actually a pretty good goalie, probably would have saved, he passed it my way, and I was on the opposite side.  All I had to do was kick it in.  The first goal was actually really kind of a fluke.  My teammate kicked it across the goal and I saw it coming, barely had time to stick my foot out, and that's all I did, was stick my foot out.  I didn't have time to put any power behind it, or try to control the direction of the ball or anything.  The ball rebounded off my foot, straight into the net.  I was as surprised as the goalie.

Team work dudes.  It's all in the team work.  And I love my team, The Pub.  I score more goals with them than with any other team I play with.  Because THEY are good.  :)