Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Highlights

The traditional stockings picture
The table - and my christmas log, which I actually managed to
make look presentable!!
The ones that made it all happen, (my sister and I) with the
ones that made us want to scream... (we were a bit tired after
making 15 pies, one cake, turkey, stuffing and trimming, roast
beef... etc, etc...)  Note to self, DO NOT let Marc prepare the
contents for chicken pot pie the evening before Christmas Eve
ever again...  (Also, I really am going to have to try to bake as
much as possible AHEAD of time...  We were almost too
exhausted to enjoy anything!!
The Christmas log, which was made for reveillon (Christmas
Eve dinner) but which, on Christmas evening, has yet to be
touched.  Noone's been hungry enough to eat it yet.

Nicky fell asleep half-way through

Dealing out gifts... :)


Brunch this... well, not morning... more like afternoon... with
Rose Anne's baked Camembert