Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I have slightly brain-damaged kids

Monday evenings, I normally bring Alex's coach and his son home from practice, because they are on the way, and they don,t have a ride back.  They pick him up, so I don't have to drive him there.  Yesterday, I went to pick them up after the practice, (Alex stayed at the stadium because we had a match afterwards), and while I was waiting for the practice to end, I went into the office to chat with the general director of the club and a few other people.  Gabriel and Nicolas were racing each other in the stadium.

As I was chatting, Nicolas suddenly came running in, yelling "Mom! Mom!" and right after that, I could hear the wail of Gabriel following.  Gabriel often wails for no reason, but this particular wail sounded much more serious than usual.  I turned around to see Gabriel walking in, his face covered in blood, dripping from his nose.  I thought he must have been hit by a ball or something.  Someone pointed out paper towels above the sink in the office, and I proceeded to wash his face.

Turns out that they were racing and Gabriel hit the wall with his face.  I joked about the brakes in his shoes having failed.  Little did I know...

The truth came out about an hour later.  It turns out Nicolas had the bright idea of running a race WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED.  Yes, you read right.  Nicolas apparently opened his eyes part way through, saw Gabriel running at the wall, yelled at him to open his eyes, but it was too late.

The whole thing was witnessed by 3 of Alex's teammates.  One of them described it to me as "He just kept on running, he never stopped, never slowed down and just banged into the wall nose first and bounced backwards on his butt.  There was silence for 2 seconds and I was just thinking 'Oh no!  What was he doing?!' "

The nosebleed did stop eventually, but needless to say, the child currently has a very tender olfactory system.