Monday, January 24, 2011

Season of the Witch - My review

Season of the Witch promised to be full of angry, power-hungry, cruel, tyrant Catholic priests and did not disappoint on that account, excepting perhaps one single priest. Its view on the Crusades was the usual simplistic and uninformed crap.

For your information, in 712, Arab Muslims invaded Spain (a christian country) from Morocco, and they didn't stop there. When did the Crusades take place? The first (and only successful one) took place in 1095. So just how long did it take Christian countries to get their act together, and stop battling each other long enough to get together to fight a common ennemy? Hmmmm, you do the math.

No, the Crusades weren't about power-hungry, hate-filled Christians attacking the peace-loving, minding-their-own-business Muslims, simply because not sharing the same fatih made them enemies of Jesus Christ.  Not only is that extremely simplistic, it is quite simply wrong. These particular muslims; Sarrasins, were neither peace-loving nor minding their own business.

This isn't to say that I believe all the Christian soldiers were noble, faultless men who never killed unnecessarily and were innocent of war-crimes. But then again, neither were the Sarrasins. War was a bloody, ugly thing back then. Oh wait, war is STILL a bloody, ugly thing.

Neither do I believe that all Muslims are on a jihad quest.  In fact, all of the Muslims that I personally know are the peaceful, minding their own business type.

The latter half of the film, was gory, but still better than the first half. Now that we had established the fact that the Catholic Chruch was run amock with power-hungry tyrants and mindless minions, we could finally get on with the story at hand, which turned out not too bad. Now if I could have just skipped the whole first half, I might have liked it.