Monday, August 02, 2010

I didn't want a PS3 player

However, we got money for Christmas, and my husband was thinking about a Wii.  I didn't want a Wii either, not even for the sports stuff, because what is the point of playing sports on a Wii when you can just go out and play real sports?  But the kids all wanted a PS3 instead.  And since a PS3 is also a blu-ray dvd player, I eventually gave in, thinking we could just control how often they used the games.

I used to let them take turns with the controls then hide the controls, but that wasn't a good idea, because with no controls, you can't watch movies either.  So I got smart recently, and took away the games instead.

We had two controls so they could play either with or against each other, but still, the problem is you limit them on how much time they spend playing, but they all have to take turns, so they still end up sitting in front of the thing for 6 - 8 hours, watching the others' turns. 

We have recently solved that problem.  The boys wanted to buy two more controls, and as superfluous as that sounds, it has solved the problem.  They now all have their turn at the same time, play for a couple of hours and then I take the game away again, and everyone's turn is over at the same time.  Time to do something else.