Monday, July 19, 2010

Andrew Allen

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine shared this video on facebook:

I watched it, and I said to myself, "Self, here is a guy who can just write up a song like that on the fly, sing it with a big smile on his face, and it sounds good with nothing accompanying him but the guitar."  And myself replied, "We have to check this guy out."

So we did.  We checked out some songs on youtube, we joined the fan page on facebook, and from there, we found out about his website:

From the updates on the facebook fanpage, we discovered a few more songs including "Loving you tonight" which has to be my new favourite song, and "Not loving you". 

I'm the kind of girl who listens to the lyrics in a song and gets a kick out of them.  Bad lyrics ruin otherwise good music for me.  Lyrics I can't stand will just make me hate a song in spite of catchy music behind it.  I like songs that talk about life, not cheap, mass-marketed love songs that don't say anything meaningful.  It's all in the details, the imagery.  Like this for example (Loving you tonight):
And I'm so tired, but you

Are what I'm coming home to
Oh I'm thinking about a red wine buzz
And takin' it easy
When I got you in my arms
Taking a break from crazy

And I'll say hey, you'll say baby
How's your day, I'll say crazy
But it's all gonna be alright
You kiss my smile, I'll pull you closer
Spend a while just getting to know you
But it's all gonna be alright
I'm lovin' you tonight
Oh, oh, yeah
Lovin' you tonight
Oh, oh, yeah
Or this (Not Loving you):
I take my time getting up

So I mess up the morning
Not loving you
I spend my time tapping keys
Casting blame at the afternoon
Not loving you
I let my eyes get too tired
Then I lay down beside you
Wasting too much of your precious time
Not loving you

Oh, oh, oh, well,

It really starts to show
When the dogs don't even know that I live here
And I really oughtta know
That I get a little slow when I drink beer, yeah
It is so nice to see people who really like what they do and pour their souls into the music.  It's nice to take a break from all the depressed and moody or angry songwriters out there.  It's nice to listen to something that hasn't been dumbed down for mass-marketing.  It's especially nice to hear music that is uplifting and inspiring and makes you think about your own life, and ask yourself , "Am I doing all I can?" all sung with a huge smile and lots of energy.

We (myself and I) thought there has to be something behind those songs, there's just something about them that kind of has a very Christian outlook.
So when I dragged out the husband (he came willingly enough and enjoyed himself) to the concert at the Grün Vert Café in Montreal, I bought a CD with most of the latest songs on it (except for Loving You Tonight, but it's okay, I already downloaded it from i-tunes).  I opened it up, read the inside cover, and after a very touching thank you to his wife, (might I add, I also like to see couples really enjoying each others' company - that's the way it should be, having fun with your best friend), he writes this:
"... and to Jesus, for giving me the freedom to live and love the life I have."
I guess it takes one to know one eh?
Ok, so Andrew Allen, you've made it up there in my most favouritest singer/songwriters list.  Like top five.  Keep it up, the world needs to hear your songs.