Friday, April 02, 2010

The elbow is fractured

So, it turns out that I have been walking around with a broken elbow for a week and a half after all.

I went to see a doctor at a clinic Wednesday, because I needed one to fill in insurance papers so I could have physiotherapy if I needed it, and because the doctor at emergency said to consult if it was still hurting in a week.  (It was.)

Given the bruising and tenderness, this doctor wanted me to get more x-rays done to make sure I did not have a fracture, because sometimes you can miss it.  So I did that Wednesday afternoon.  Thursday, she called to say that the radiologist could see no fracture but thought that there was one anyway because of all the liquid she could see in the articulation.  So I got an appointment in orthopedics this morning, where the doctor there confirmed that it was indeed a fracture, so no physiotherapy for another two weeks at least.

No cast either.  I kind of feel cheated of all the sympathy a cast would have garnered for me, as the obvious symbol of serious injury.  Here I have injured myself seriously and noone around me knows... In secret, I crave attention.  (Sometimes)  Also, a cast would be a constant remeinder to my kids that my arm DOES hurt and they should avoid pulling at it, bumping into and generally mis-handling it.  It is soooo easy to forget this simple rule... sigh...