Monday, April 12, 2010

Maryssa's Birthday

Finished product of Maryssa's creativity
 Maryssa turned 10 on March 30.  She wanted a hot air balloon pinata for her birthday this year, so I started on that.  Then I thought it would be nice to do pinatas for her soccer team as well.

The Easter egg pinatas
Maryssa wanted to do one of them, so I let her do pretty much everything.  She did all the layers of paper maché herself, without making a mess.  I help put the string on and reclose the hole we made to put the candy and stuff in, but she did all the rest by herself.  She also painted it herself.  I did the hot-gluing of the ribbons, but those she chose, as well as where to put them.

The hot air balloon pinata
We decided to make Easter eggs, as Easter was coming up.  We brought the finished pinatas to Maryssa's soccer practice on the Thursday before Easter, three days after her birthday.

We had Maryssa's birthday party on Easter Monday.  The kids painted ceramic plates and cups with my friend Tania from Gazouillis.  The kids loved it, and the dishes are microwavable, dish-washer safe and can be eaten off of.  The paint is non-toxic.

Afterwards, they all ate cake and went out to hit the  hot air balloon pinata.