Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Catholic Publicity in Québec Schools Banned

I found out from Maryssa's catechism teacher last night that the parishes are no longer allowed to send announcements for catechism through the school system anymore.  So, parents who want their children to go to catechism will no longer be informed of the availability of classes, nor the inscription times.  The parish will have to rely on ads in newspapers from now on.  (If that doesn't get banned too in future)

Now if no one were allowed to put publicity through schools, that would be one thing, but I happen to have sent publicity through my kids' school myself, in hopes of recruiting new players for my daughter's soccer team.  I have also received all kinds of publicity from summer camps and other places through the school.

So it's quite obvious that we are only banning one group here.

Wouldn't you call that discrimination?

I sure do.

What about my right to information?  Why is it that a minority "élite" can decide for me what kind of information I, as a parent, can receive through the schools?

If I can be solicited by a soccer club and a nature summer camp, why can't I be solicited by catechism classes?  No one is going to force me to register my children in any of these things.  But I might like to know that they exist.

I can tell you, from experience, that it is not the catechism classes that are going to suck the most time and money from you.  Oh no.  It's the sports that suck the most time and money from you.

Sports are the new religion.  You sign up, you come to practice, you play games, you pay thousands of dollars to join, you get sucked into tournaments and amical matches, and volunteer work.  Then you have to do fundraising, sometimes door to door.  The practices are often the same repetitive thing over and over again.  Practice makes perfect after all.  One game resembles another.  Always the same number of players, always the same rules, always the same field or court.  All in pursuit of the ball, or the puck, or...

Soccer clubs are ruled by committees with Presidents, vice-presidents etc and general directors, who in turn, are ruled by soccer associations, with all of the same, who in turn are ruled by the Québec Federation of soccer, which comes under the Canadian Soccer Association, which is ruled by the FIFA.  This all creates a very political and dangerous HIERARCHY.

Oh, and then there are the pedophile coaches.  Sound familiar yet?

Yes, we recently had a coach charged with sexual abuse in our club.  He pleaded guilty, and will never coach again.  No one stood outside our club to protest, it didn't even make the news, people are still sending their kids to get coached.  No one is blaming the FIFA for the man's actions.  No one looks at any of the other coaches as if they were about to follow suit.  Oh, and The pedophile ex-coach wasn't even celibate.