Monday, March 01, 2010

Finally received my own copy of my book

... but this is weird. It is supposed to be a complementary copy, so at no charge to me. The receipt inside confirms this, as my total comes to $0.00 even including shipping. However, I had to pay $20.62 in importation fees! What the heck is that?

It breaks down into $1.32 in GST, $17.10 in BROK FEE (broker's fee I imagine?) $0.85 in BROK GST, $1.35 in BROK QST.

How do they get all those fees on a free item? Any percentage of $0.00 is $0.00 as far as I know... and what is this BROK FEE? Does this mean that, had I decided to ship the books I did buy to eventually do book signings somewhere, that on top of the outrageous shipping prices, ($120.00+ instead of $50.00+) I would have had to pay outrageous importation fees too? It's a good thing I had it sent to my friend instead!!!