Friday, February 12, 2010

Live and let live

I hate conflict. Seriously. You wouldn't believe it to see me yelling at my kids some days, but kids can be frustratingly brain damaged, so does that really count? In adult to adult relationships, I hate conflict. Yell at me and I may cringe and back into a corner, unless you really get me going.

I'm pretty much a live and let live type of person. My personal opinion may not be the popular opinion, nor even the politically correct opinion, but I believe in my right to hold it anyway. I also believe in your right to disagree, and I can even put myself in your shoes, and imagine why you believe the way you do.

I believe you can still love people even when you disagree with them, and more importantly, even when you think that what they are doing is bad for them. You only have to look at any parent with his child to know this.

When government decides it knows better than me what I should believe and what I should teach my kids about what what is right or wrong, and maintains that if I do not believe the same way they do, then I am racist or sexist or have a phobia or I'm ignorant, or something is wrong with me, then they are pushing the wrong buttons.

The important thing we all need to teach our kids is that regardless of what the next person thinks or does, he still deserves our respect and kindness. You can love a person through anything, no matter how negative it might be to yourself. Sometimes you have to let a person make his own mistakes. Sometimes you have to let a person go. Sometimes, it turns out you were the one who was mistaken.