Saturday, February 20, 2010

I used to listen to CHOM FM, the classic Rock station in Montreal, quite a bit. In the past year however, they annoy me more often than not. First it was the suggestive condom ads running all hours of the day, despite the fact that people's kids may be listening along. Then there were the ads for the big Convention on everything sex-related.

If you don't know what such and such a term is, if you think such and such is referring to it's original innocent meaning, then you need to come to this sex conference, they claimed.

Uh well, I beg to differ. I have no idea what such and such a term is, and I do not wish to know. I also happen to naively think that such and such other term still refers to its originally intended innocent meaning, and I do not wish to be informed otherwise.

I do not believe that true love requires sex to be anything but simple. Simple straightforward honest sex with the person you love, the person you are faithful to forever, is enough. There is no need for embellishments. There is no need for excitement or novelty. A deep understanding between two like-minded souls is enough.

The more recent cause for annoyment coming from the station is their latest grand prize. A trip to Las Vegas (yay, my dream vacation, throwing away my money - not!), and a peep-show with this and that sexy, famous girl. And if you win "we'll tell your wife you went fishing." Wink, wink.

Great. Now we are glorifying everything that puts tension into a couple's relationship.

I give up. I want out. (Packs bags and moves to Antarctica)