Sunday, January 10, 2010


This is something I wrote awhile ago. I changed the title and a few of the words.

Original version here.

Take me Whole

Bear with me please, it’s hard to find the words
I need to find, to tell you what it is
You need to know.
Take care with me, my heart’s so damn fragile
I’m so afraid, to tell you what it is
I want you to know.

I am here, body and soul
Will you take me, take me whole?
If I strip down, come out of hiding
If I show you my soul, confiding
Will you want me then? Want me whole?
If I bare all, body and soul

This was never something I intended
To share my life with one who’s a stranger
To what I think
I’m so lonely, but I’m never alone.
I want you here, inside, but it’s so hard
To open the door

Naked, anxious, defenceless before you
My only wish is that you'd snatch me up
Take me here, now.
My body’s yours, my soul I offer you
Make love to me, hold me close, let’s renew
Those vows we once spoke.