Thursday, November 12, 2009

Seriously though...

In case it ever comes down to it...

I hereby declare to the world at large my desire to be maintained alive with drink and water, in case I am ever in a coma or become extremely handicapped.

If I have not been responding at all, for a reasonable length of time, and doctors believe me to be already brain dead, and I am on a respirator and machines to keep me alive, then please, by all means, unplug me.

HOWEVER, if I am capable of breathing on my own but unconscious, or conscious and capable of movement, and perhaps even some communication, but unable to feed myself, then please DO NOT starve me to death, nor let me die of thirst! I do not wish to die such an excruciating death, and I wish to be kept alive, in case advances in science permit me to regain some kind of life, or in the case of a coma, I recover consicousness.

Thank you very much.