Monday, October 26, 2009

Cookie Guys

Everytime we go to the Tim Horton's next to Maxi, where we get groceries, Nicky gets himself a "cookie guy". You can't get those at the other Tim Hortons', they don't carry them anymore. He loves cookie guys.

Sometimes, when I am out doing errands while he is at pre-school (oh the luxury of doing errand with no children! - but that is another story), I stop at Tim Horton's and buy him a cookie guy. He is always excited to check out the car when he comes outside.

Last Thursday, I didn't have a cookie guy waiting for him and he was quite disappointed. So I told him we could go home and maybe make cookies. I was thinking, "I thaw out the tub of ready-made cookie dough from last school fundraiser, and we make cookies." But no, Monsieur wanted cookie guys.

I went online and found this recipe. Mostly, we had fun cutting out little cookie guys, but I decided to make a special one for my little soccer dude:

The other children came home and had a hey day with the other cookies. Here are thier combined efforts at decorating: